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Paralegal Career Dressing: It’s a Wrap Again

Paralegal Career Dressing: It’s a Wrap Again

When I’ve mentioned wearing wrap dresses to work in the past, occasionally a reader will tell me these dresses feel a little too clingy or revealing for a conservative office. Actually, I feel the same, and almost donated a couple of wrap dresses I wasn’t wearing very often. But inspired by other style bloggers, I decided to give this London Times wrap dress another shot, partly because of the unseasonably warm winter we’ve been cautiously enjoying (I know we’re gonna pay for this with a March blizzard).

The secret to comfortably wearing a slinky wrap dress to a law office? Layering with a cardigan or jacket, and using a Fashener,, at the neck line to make sure there are no unseemly surprise displays. I used a tiny black one which blended right into the pattern of the dress.

London Times wrap dress (long time ago but under $25 because I had weird personal price limit set :p); MODA cardigan (Victoria’s Secret clearance); Wide belt (probably Ross Dress for Less cheap); Aigner Mary Janes (Ross Dress for Less @$16); Hoops (old); Tights (Target)

None of the paper on the shelves behind me is actually used, because we’ve been scanning everything for years. We just haven’t had the time to clean off the shelves. I smell a project for a summer intern…

I read some style photo advice that said not to look into the camera, but I simply look lost 😛
Really clueless. What did you say my name was again?

Are you comfortable wearing wrap dresses to law firms, legal departments, and other types of conservative offices?

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