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Paralegal Career Dressing: Keep or Go Skirt?

Paralegal Career Dressing: Keep or Go Skirt?

I scored a few Talbots skirts almost two years ago at an end of season clearance, with an extra 60% off, paying less than $25 each for them. You know I’m a fool for a full skirt and lux fabric. I love them so much, but they’re all too big now. The one I am wrestling over keeping now reminds me of a Monet watercolor, but I’ve had trouble styling it in the past.

Talbots skirt – clearance
Fred David Stretch shirt – thrifted
Easy Street sling backs – @$16 bucks at Hamricks last spring
Chain – Steinmart clearance @$3
Flower Stretch Ring – F21

For some of today’s shots, I decided to try Allie and Sal’s method of shooting in a parking lot or street. I kind of like how the pictures turned out, but had to get a few in front of a neighbor’s blooming mums, too. Dear Hubby is a patient and gracious photographer.

Lately, I’ve been heavily influenced by Psyche’s and Kasmira’s knotted button front shirts with skirts and dresses, so I decided I’d go for uber-comfort and a little pattern-mixing by pairing my “watercolor skirt” with a thrifted striped navy shirt tied at the waist. Add low heels and a chain with some turquoise to pick up the colors in the skirt, and I kind of liked how it turned out.

I also used one of Mina’s Fasheners to take in the waistband of the skirt. (You can actually see it in the top photo…)

Like Gracey, I am working hard to edit down my closet, getting rid of items I just don’t love, and making some room for my increasing love of color. It’s so hard to believe how hard I clung to my “funeral chic” even as much as a year ago. I think wearing the right colors brightens up our skin tones, especially as we age, and creates a much more interesting visual style – as long as we don’t go outside the boundaries of our wardrobe needs, such as needing to stay employed in a conservative office.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it when there are no boundaries, and I’m insanely jealous of one of my fave style blogger Desiree’s beauty, original style, artistic use of wild color, vintage clothes, sexy leggings, and rather magical accessories, but I know I couldn’t wear most of her daily wear to work, although she has a couple of 40s, 50s and 60s style dresses and suits I know I could rock in the law office! I have to get my Desiree fix via her blog, and plan my fantasy photo shoot where I can run around in something wildly beautiful and totally inappropriate for work, and pretend I’m a Celtic goddess.

Do you have clothes in your closet that you love but find hard to wear? Do you think I should keep this skirt, or pass it on?

15 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Keep or Go Skirt?

  1. I love the skirt. What do you find difficult about it? Have you tried pulling blouses from your wardrobe and held them up to it? I can already see yellow, olive, blues, greens, corals, olive with pops of red accessories! – even just the right small striped sweater could set off the colors and print. Think about why you find the skirt difficult and maybe an answer about whether to keep it or not will come to you. Sometimes an item you love just doesn't work with the rest of your closet. It happens.

    I definitely have things in my closet I find hard to wear. However, I've phased a lot of them out. I prefer only pieces I want to wear again and again, mix and match with other things I own. I keep some of the challenging pieces because sometimes they find their way into rotation, but I usually give something the 3-outfit benefit before turning it out.

    (Hope you're doing alright. <3)

  2. @Megan ~ I don't think it's as much the colors, as that it kind of made me look short and dumpy the few times I've worn it. I think it helps for me to add a wide belt or obi to it, but today I just wanted to try the relaxed knotted shirt look. If I'm not careful with my full skirts and dresses, I can end up looking like a pouter pigeon 😛

  3. Cleaning out the closet is one of my most loathed tasks. I can't let go of anything! I love the way this look turned out Lynne! The skirt is very pretty as is this dark chambray top!

  4. I love this skirt but it seems like you have two marks against it – you have to take in at the waist AND you have been struggling to find coordinates, even though you have found a great look today. Usually if I have one obstacle with something I can deal with it, but more than that and I'm apt to do the heave-ho. If you feel fabulous in this skirt, definitely keep it. If it's a "meh," well…

  5. i'm glad you are trying to embrace color and refine your closet.

    i am the worst when it comes to cleaning out my closet.
    I just can't let go!!

    I love that skirt though, and it seems like it wouldn't be too hard to get it altered to fit you.

    no sense in tossing a great print in a luxe fabric.

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Keep that skirt and alter it so you love it again. You can have it taken in or shorten it slightly so it doesn't make you feel as short. But it's a great print and colour so don't let it go just yet!

  7. I'm with Melanie on this – if it's that much of a pain to wear, let it go to make room for something that works better for you. If you miss it, you have the pictures on the blog! 🙂

  8. Awwww you're too kind Lynne, wouldn't it be lovely if we lived closer so we could spend the day playing dress-ups, shovelling cake and tea into our faces and frolicking in the sunshine? I absolutely LOVE this skirt – it really is so magical and as you say, it's like a Monet watercolour. I love the knotted shirt you've paired it with. I've had a rather impressive wardrobe clear-out this week and I'm all set for my first market stall next weekend. I had to get really "mean" with myself, but I'm surprised at how much I was ready to farewell things I thought I wanted to keep. Thank you so much for your kind words gorgeous!! xoxoxo

  9. The skirt looks lovely, but you're the one who has to wear it so if doesn't meet your needs, pass it along and make space in your closet. The color and print are beautiful.

  10. It looks like a keeper. When I can't decide about something, I pack it away for a while and see if I miss it. If I don't then the next time I see it again, I kick it to the curb.

  11. I do have hard to wear clothes in my closet and I used to believe that I needed to dress conservatively for teaching, but I've become more bold in the past couple of years. I keep some of the crazy things because there are occasions in my life that aren't work. 😉

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