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Paralegal Career Dressing: A Lawyer Is Pretty in Pink

Paralegal Career Dressing: A Lawyer Is Pretty in Pink

My co-workers have great style on very reasonable budgets, but they understandably aren’t nuts about me chasing them around with my camera all the time for my blog. So I try to be cool, and not bug ’em.

But when I saw the outfit one of our talented associates, Lauren Weinstein, wore today, I practically shrieked, “OMG! PUH-LEEZE LEMME TAKE YOUR PICTURE!!!!”

Which she graciously did.

Dress (Old Navy clearance); Pumps (DSW clearance); Necklace (American Eagle); Watch (Michael Kors); Remaining jewelry (gifts)

Here’s a close-up of the details and accessories:

And then of course, our super-model law firm dog, Rosie, got in on the gig. She’s growing! That’s her owner and one of my supervising attorneys, Griff Morgan, with her. We’ve been working together since 1994. Me and Griff, that is, not me and Rosie.

Lauren, Rosie, and Griff

Lauren loves clearance deals, and this dress is a great find, both comfortable and classic, perfect for seeing clients in the office.

You know I’d love to share pictures of my legal professional readers’ career dressing on a budget style, too. So if you want to guest post some time, all you have to do is email me a few pictures of your outfit, write a few sentences about it, and identify what your wearing. Easy-peasy.

4 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: A Lawyer Is Pretty in Pink

  1. So, you have a dog in the office!?

    I agree that your colleague looks very stylish. I eyed her pumps–I need a pair like them.

  2. @Terri ~ The boss has been bringing his pup to work occasionally. We all love seeing her!

    I think everyone can use a pair of beige pumps. They go with everything, and make legs look longer! I went with beige wedges this year, but if I see a great deal on heels in the same color, I'll snap them up.

  3. Love the pumps!!! But I have a question… do women not wear – oh dear what do I call the forbidden word? – panty hose anymore ever or is bare legs the norm everywhere now? I know I am showing my age with this question.

  4. @Jenna ~ A much younger paralegal friend of mine made me giggle last week when she called them "nylons".

    I think a lot of professional women do not wear pantyhose in warmer weather, depending on many factors, including the office dress code, the weather where they live, and how comfortable they are with bare legs. There are probably more pantyhose, er, nylons worn in conservative offices like law firms – and definitely to uber-conservative public places, like the courtroom.

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