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Paralegal Career Dressing: Legal Window Dressing

Paralegal Career Dressing: Legal Window Dressing

It occurred to me that I work in a law firm, and have never taken a single picture with the obligatory law books background.

Jeez, why not?

Maybe ’cause nobody actually uses books to look up case law and statutes anymore? (Or at least anybody with a smart phone or computer access…)

This is one reason those get-a-paralegal-degree commercials and advertisements featuring a hot young legal staffer studiously looking over her law man’s shoulder while he consults a heavy legal tome make me giggle and roll my eyes. (See also one of my fave old posts, “Get Your Legal Maid Degree from Food Court University“.)

Dress (Loft Outlet sale); Derek Heart cardi (Rue 21); Mossimo Supply Ona Ballet Flats (Target); Extra long strand freshwater pearls (Steinmart $12.99 a couple of years ago); Faux pearl and chain necklace (Sears a couple of years ago).

We have quite a few gorgeous books on display that haven’t been opened in years. Many, many years. But they make great backgrounds for LinkedIn head shots.

If I’d seen me standing like this, I would have told me not to…
Nope. Not in the modern law firm. (Dang, that thing is way heavier than my phone.)
Now paralegals have to know how to use the big screen TV and its accessories.
A color boost so you can see the ring from Charming Charlies.

Yes, I’m kind of old to be shopping in places like Rue 21. But I have two 15-year old girls living at my house, and I’m the one with the car keys and a job. Occasionally, I’m surprised to find something at stores geared toward teenagers that I can actually work into my career wardrobe, like this bright coral cardigan.

Have you ever found yourself buying career clothing or accessories at a retail store you normally wouldn’t frequent?

12 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Legal Window Dressing

  1. Well, I know when my daughters drive me into a store where the clothing is younger than my demographic, I do try to distract myself with accessories. I love Charming Charlies!

    It's curious about the books basically being props these days. Whose job is it to keep them dusted off?

  2. Oooh there's those fabulous flats! They look great with the classic polka dot dress and cardigan. I frequently find unexpected items in unexpected places. The most frustrating is to find something that's amazing and funky by a brand where the rest of the collection is nothing like the piece you fall in love with.

    I'm giggling over the books. Amazing how something like books! can go practically obsolete in my lifetime.

  3. Now I've got the Law & Order theme song playing in my head!

    I walked through a Forever 21 for my first and final time last year!

  4. This outfit is so perfect…head to toe. Classy, yet exciting with that bright cardi and the jewelry. Love it!

  5. LOL aw inside paralegal jokes. Westlaw–thank God. Though I did use the actual books in college for my paralegal certificate. But I can't say I remember how to now! I don't like when people say you can't shop at certain stores after you are x age because yes, sometimes it is a lot of teeny bopper stuff, but some times you luck out with really cute stuff! I love your polka dots today Lynne!

  6. I think I'll trot down to the food court tomorrow for my paralegal legalism degree! I love your sense of humour! Don't they have a book called "101 Uses for Dusty Law Books"? 1)To assist manly man in looking manly for paralegal legalist standing behind him. You look fab-yu-luss. I love the hair colour!

  7. Wow Lynne, please don't take this the wrong way, but I think you look verrry hot in this outfit. Hot in a classy, law book nerd type way, of course.

  8. Nobody?! I guess I'm showing my age but I do legal research solely with books. I've developed an intuition on where to find things and, to a scary degree, often select and open law books to exactly what I need to find. I'm old-fashioned, I guess, to you younger folk.

    Love the coral cardigan. And I also admire how regularly you post here.

  9. lol @ using books
    my kids used to laugh at me when i talked about looking things up in an encyclopedia
    love this little polka dress, so fun and flirty

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