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Paralegal Career Dressing: Like a Rhinestone Cowboy

Paralegal Career Dressing: Like a Rhinestone Cowboy

I know this is not politically correct career dressing advice, but nothin’ brightens up your day – and everyone else’s day you run into – like a few rhinestones.

Which are different from those bedazzle-stones, or whatever those things are that one bedazzles with. Bedazzles make people sad. Or at least me.

Merona stretch snakeskin print skirt ~ Target
Loft cardigan ~ Loft Outlet
Design History draped tank ~ old, probably Marshalls or TJ Maxx
Nine West wedges ~ Ross Dress for Less
Stretch ring ~ thrift store!
Stretch bangles ~ Walgreen & Loft making nice

I think my love affair with rhinestones began in college, when my hair was only an inch long, I had three or four earrings in each ear, I still looked sort of cute doing the Time Warp Again, and I saw the B-52s in concert when they were still young like me. I scored some awesome (but painful) antique rhinestone clip-on earrings at flea markets and wore them to class with torn up men’s t-shirts. I had another pair of giant rhinestone hoops that screwed into my ears like special torture tools, but were so worth it. (I still have them. I might wear them to work soon…)

Lia Sophia convertible necklace can be worn like this or as a pendant.

So I still wander over to rhinestone everything, much to my kids’ chagrin. I’m all, “WOW, isn’t this great!” and they’re all, “No. You. Are. Not. Buying. Those.” Like we briefly switch roles for a minute, and they’re the bad guy.

I made this really big in case you can’t see the honkin’ rhinestone ring ๐Ÿ˜›

Speaking of kids, you know my youngest, The Teen, has sickle cell disease. I talk about it on the blog, because it’s an inherited disease suffered by millions across the world, but many people have never met anyone with it. Tonight she’s experiencing what will hopefully be a mild pain event or vasoocclusive crisis managed at home with fluids, pain meds, and rest. But sometimes we end up at the emergency room rather suddenly for IV fluids and morphine, and sometimes we end up in the hospital for much longer.

This is my, “Who’s gonna make me go to work? The mortgage company, you say?” pose.

Sickle cell is a mean disease, and there’s no cure. I want to fix everything, so it’s hard for me to feel helpless when she’s in pain. I don’t often share music, but I’m sharing Rob Thomas’s “Her Diamonds” video for all of you out there who love and care for someone with a chronic and painful illness.

14 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Like a Rhinestone Cowboy

  1. Ah, Lynne, I feel a little emotional having watched/listened to that song. My youngest daughter has her own ongoing health issues, which coincidentally have flared up today too. I hope your daughter's current episode is short-lived and manageable at home, I feel for her, and you.
    Is it too inappropriate and superficial to go on to talk about your outfit? I hope not. After all, life has both sides, the pain and distress of loved ones being ill, and the fun and frivolity of great clothes and rhinestones!
    You look great, as always, that skirt is beautiful on you, and I LOVE your big old rhinestone ring!
    I think you might need to share some of your college photos – please! I loved the B52s too! xxxx

  2. Love this all neutrals look. Rhinestones are fun. I just tend to associate them a littttlle too much with bedazzling and those rhinestone butterfly hair clips that were The Thing years back.

    Sorry to hear about your Girl! Send her my best. Any time you get sick or hurt it feels like your body has failed you. It's really rough, but it takes a strong person to push through and continue living their life. Your teen is a very strong girl. Sending her, you, and your family best wishes and prayers, Lynne. <3

  3. Rob Thomas always makes me feel a little better. He's soooo smooth.

    The Target skirt looks great on you as does the Loft sweater and all the bling bling bling. With the clothing being neutral tones the bling just adds a little pick me up to it. You do such a great job putting things all together. Hope your daughter is feeling in the pink soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Super cute, right down to your nail color. I just remembered I wanted that color when I saw your post today.
    Don't you just love Loft cardigans? Well of course you do! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Hey there! You look stunning. As far as going to work, I work at home in medical transcription and it's the stuff like mortgage and such that makes me log in! Sorry to hear of The Teen having sickle cell. I know exactly what you are speaking of because I type those ER, admission and then discharge notes, and I know it's a constant cycle of monitoring, ups, downs, and you just never know. Thinking of you.


  6. I'm so sorry about The Teen. That's really hard to deal with. I do hope she feels better! Rob Thomas is my sister's Favorite singer. She even got to meet him! I love rhinestones too. This is a great neutral outfit and your photos have never looked better!

  7. Here's hoping that this episode the teen is going through passes without escalating. I actually have a daughter (the middle one) who DOES wear rhinestones and she's made me wonder how I missed that memo.

  8. I love all the bracelets you are wearing and I love that you saw the B52's in concert back in the day!

    I am sorry The Teen is having a bad time with her disease right now. I love the song Her Diamonds but it always makes me cry. Especially when you know that he wrote it for his wife. Sob. Anyway, I hope this is a quick episode for her and I send you love and prayers!

  9. Rhinestones are a (not rich) girl's best friend. My favorite jewelry has them.

    I wish you hope and strength in battling teen's illness. That's hard work.

  10. So with you on rhinestones! I love them. I would wear a tiara every day if I could, hee hee.

    Aw, I didn't know that about The Teen…so sorry to hear it.

  11. I hope your daughter's episode passes quickly. It's really rotten having to deal with something like that. As a parent, I also understand how awful it is to not be able to do something to make your child feel better. Hugs for both of you.

    P.S. The rhinestones are fab.

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