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Paralegal Career Dressing: A Li’l Red, White & Blue

Paralegal Career Dressing: A Li’l Red, White & Blue

This was not what I was planning to wear this morning. But after four 100-plus degree days, we woke up to rain-washed pavements, overcast skies, and cool gentle breezes. I wish I could have mailed the weather to Colorado.

Express no-iron blouse ~ thrifted
Worthington red pencil skirt ~ jcp (similar here)
Aerosoles Mary Jane/peep toes ~ cannot recall
MMD obi belt ~ Megan Mae Daily
Faux pearl silver chain mix ~ probably for less than $5 at Burlington Coat Factory

Last minute clothing changes require no ironing, so I unintentionally got my holiday week on by grabbing this royal blue no-iron Express shirt I thrifted during my blogger meetup with Megan, and my Worthington red pencil skirt from jcp.

My oldest daughter expressed disbelief when she saw me painting my fingernails blue. Wut? I’m semi-cool.

I was already planning to wear my new MMD obi belt. There be dragons on it. As soon as Megan wore it and said it was for sale, I emailed her and said, “Sell it to me, or I will kill you.” True story.

Gettin’ a little tired of those same black shoes? Put a MMD button flower on ’em.

I don’t typically wear holiday colors, but I do typically make the same holiday mistakes over and over. I should know better after working for the same law firm for almost 20 years. But my cleverer co-workers (which may describe all of them) tend to take their vacations during the week of the 4th, you know, so they only have to use four vacay days, instead of five.

And there I am, one of a lone few dummies loyal employees showing up to work, usually spending the week doing tasks that I don’t normally do. During one memorable July 4th week, it was just me and the new receptionist, and she only lasted until Thursday. Girlfriend didn’t even say good-bye.

Don’t be stealin’ my not-yet-patented hangin’ hair pose.

So this is why I’m not much of an Independence Day gal. First, the fireworks make my otherwise laidback Cairn Terrier insane. Second, I love hot dogs, but they don’t love me back. Insane dog, insane heartburn, big whoop.

Obligatory blooper pic. Is it “to the left, to the left,” or “to the right, to the right?”

And what’s up with a Wednesday holiday? Instead of a lovely long weekend, I just end up waking up way too early, and sometimes accidentally getting ready for work anyway.

If your Monday wasn’t the greatest, go over to Not Yet Dead Style, and check out Patti’s shoes for Visible Monday. They will make you happy. Oh, and I just did my first Monday Mingle!

Got a Monday whine? Feel free to share it, especially since I can’t offer you any lovely after work wine and cheese via this blog.

14 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: A Li’l Red, White & Blue

  1. Oh. My. God. Omg! I love this outfit, I love how perfectly the belt goes with it. I knew this belt would be perfect for somebody out there, and so it is! The buttonflower on the shoe is perfect. I wore the mate to it today! It's a little different – purple thread and a different button, but how cool!

    Hope you still get to enjoy your 4th this week.

  2. Oh girl. I feel ya! I hate lonely offices during holidays. It just feels wrong and sad. I do, however, love a good holiday themed outfit (well, aside from those obnoxious ones with lit tree ties and Valentines troll earrings . . . you know). Also, what a great use of those adorable button flowers. I love them on your shoes!!! Annnnnnd this is a super cute outfit. Aaaaaaand thanks for the thought of sending us your rain. I think most of the fires are mostly contained now but it is still hotter than a two dollar pistol here, so you can still try to send that on over if yant to.

  3. I don't know why they don't make more stain-resistent wrinkle-free clothes for women. Walk into any department store and there's a ton of stuff for men, but we gals have to do deal with ironing, dry cleaning, etc.!

  4. I like the red pencil skirt, and it looks great with the blue. It is still crazy hot here, so I am jealous that you got rain.

  5. Ah, a no-iron shirt, how fabulous. Love your belt from Megan, and the button-shoe-flower too. Don't go to work Wednesday! : >

  6. The blouse is a beautiful blue. I hear ya about the 4th. Having it in mid-week definitely screws up my online teaching.

  7. No whines here. That photo of your foot should be framed and displayed prominently in your home. I love your outfit, especially with that fantastic belt and your blue nails!

  8. What a cute outfit! You look gorgeous in that blue shirt – love the obi and the button flowers! I think I need to wear some tomorrow.

    Happy almost 4th!

  9. Perfect holiday week outfit.
    I'm cracking up about you and the receptionist being the only ones there and she only lasted through Thursday….imagining what in the world did you do to the poor girl for her to never come back. haha

  10. i will not lie, my eyes glazed over when i first saw your post, then i scrolled down to the outfit and my eyes popped right open
    great patriotic outfit!!!

  11. You look great. I like the button on the shoes.

    I am the only one in the office this week but that means less interruptions and I get more done.

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