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Paralegal Career Dressing: A Little Old-Fashioned

Paralegal Career Dressing: A Little Old-Fashioned

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my paternal grandmother, Mimi, who was a powerful and loving force in my life. She died at 101 years of age, and for most of those years, was constantly busy, cooking, crocheting, and nurturing.

Of course, I remember her as a round and huggable grandma with a closet full of rayon printed house dresses that I loved, but I do have a few pictures of her when she was in her 20s and 30s, not so clear, but still conveying her vitality and sweetness – and her pretty slightly wavy bob, and 1920s and 30s fashions. I think sometimes I try to channel her when I get dressed. Several people said I looked “old-fashioned” or “vintage” in this outfit and bobby-pinned hair.

Linen skirt (Talbot’s clearance); V-neck tee (Loft clearance); Infinity scarf (Charlotte Russe); Saks 5th Avenue flats (Saks Outlet clearance); Faux snake skin belt (Ross, coupla bucks); Bracelet cuff (Forever 21)

Grabbing inside pics for a few minutes during the day is a little hit and miss, but with a crazy schedule at work and after school with busy teens and medical appointments, this is the best I can do for now. The light really bounced back from the light grey skirt and top.

This is as close as it gets to pjs at work.

I have two of these linen Talbot’s full skirts, scored on super-clearance, or they’d otherwise be way out of my price-range, and I love them, wrinkles and all. They’re heavy, fully-lined, and have deep pockets. They’re so full, I can even touch them up with an iron while still wearing them.

Probably the best pic in terms of actual color.

The infinity scarf is the gauzy feather one from Charlotte Russe I recommended as a daily deal a couple of weeks ago, and decided to look for when I was in the local store with The Teen this weekend. After looking through the entire store, I thought it was sold out, but found one in the bottom of a box of entirely different sort of neon novelty scarves, tightly wadded in a ball and not looking at all like itself. Untying it and discovering it was THE ONE felt a little like a magic trick.

You cannot mess up an infinity scarf.
When you sit most of the day, comfort is a big deal.

You know I’m a fool for the cuff bracelet, and pretty much any accessories from Forever 21.

The little earrings from a Walmart three-pack are almost invisible.

What do you remember best about your grandmothers?

6 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: A Little Old-Fashioned

  1. It's a beautiful scarf. I had to laugh at the word image you drew of ironing the skirt while you were wearing it. I've purchased a couple of full skirts in the past year, but I'm still experimenting with styling them. I a little troubled by the length of mine.

  2. @Terri ~ It's become my fave scarf very quickly. I think you're petite like I am? I know full skirts can swallow up smaller peeps, but sometimes I still like to float around in them 🙂

  3. Love this easy look! Full skirts make me want to spin around and feel like I'm floating all day. Your wavy hair is also very lovely.

    I remember my grandmother cooking. I know how to cook just about anything thanks to her and my mom. I grew up in the kitchen. I also always remember her with a book. She was a librarian. I had read the entire young adult section of our library by the time I was about 14.

  4. Great scarf. And snazzy belt. (Love your word "coupla"!)

    My grandmother used to wear earrings the size of golf balls. Quite memorable quirk.

  5. @Megan Mae – Thanks! Even though I'm pretty short, I still love that full 1950s look in a skirt or a dress.

    The hair is an easy look for me to create with a Conair You Curl, no clamps, big or little curls so easy without getting stuck in my hair 😛 Curls hide my summer frizz!

    Mimi cooked so much, too. Over the holidays, I sat down with one of her old recipe boxes full of handwritten cards. I enjoyed reading her asides, and wish I had all of her recipes.

  6. @Ally ~ Thanks for the nice feedback. Even as an English lit major, I do have the gift of mangling the English language ;P

    I'd love to see those earrings. I wish my family had saved more of my grandmothers' and great-aunts' costume jewelry.

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