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Paralegal Career Dressing: More Fun with Closet Orphans

Paralegal Career Dressing: More Fun with Closet Orphans

The adorable Lili at Relatable Style posted a week of “closet orphan” styling recently, where she took items she didn’t wear very often, and styled them in a “should they stay or should they go” kind of way. Most of them found new life with fresh styling.

Along with the forgotten maxi skirt, I discovered a few dresses I’ve owned for years, haven’t been wearing, but for some reason can’t part with. I kept telling myself I’d wear them somewhere. But I think I might have been keeping them because they remind me of my paternal grandmother’s colorful house dresses.

I decided that maybe with new spring shoes and some thrifted blazers, some of the heretofore (we talk like that in the legal field) closet orphans might go to work with Mommy. This one’s a very inexpensive dress from the juniors department at Burlington Coat Factory (why I can remember this crap, and not people’s names is beyond me) I bought five or six years ago. Maybe I thought it was too goofy for work or too young for me now – but not today.

Ruby Rox dress (old Burlington Coat Factory); Divided blazer ($3.50 thrifted); Breva pumps (John Fluevog clearance); Necklace (thrift store); Bracelet (Mother’s Day gift a while ago)

Dear Hubby was my photographer again today. He’s a very patient man 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot! One of Mina’s onyx magnetic Fasheners is keeping the faux wrap dress wrapped.
This dress took so many years off my age, that 49 is definitely the new 19.
The best jewels aren’t really jewels, but mostly love.

How ’bout you guys? Got any closet orphans that need a breath of fresh air – or a new home?

9 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: More Fun with Closet Orphans

  1. I love the print on that dress! And the Vogs are a perfect pairing. They bring out the blue and green of the print.

    I can probably remember where I bought everything I own, how much I paid for it, and what the "actual retail" cost is. But I can't remember the girl's name who I talk to every Tuesday and Thursday in class. Yeah I'm awesome like that. (No seriously, it makes me feel so bad)

  2. You look fantastic in that dress, and your pairing with the jacket, shoes, and accessories is great. This dress is definitely a keeper! The fastener is really cool too. I'd never seen them before.

  3. The Fluevogs look great with this look – don't be afraid to let them shine! I'd love to see them as the only pop of pale blue in an outfit, too.

    And may I say, madam: nice gams! 🙂

  4. Clearly, the Vogs are going through your closet, kicking @ss and taking names. I don't think it is a coincidence that those closet orphans are finding new life with the new shoes.

  5. That's funny…I am wearing a dress today in a similar style as yours that I wasn't sure about keeping either. I love the colors (brown and aqua) but the band around my waist always rolls up for some reason. I wore it today with an aqua sweater that covers up the offending band and it looks pretty good. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Hubby is taking some great photos. The Fluevogs are perfect with this dress. I don't think I have many orphans in my closet at the moment. I've been spring cleaning…though the boxes of discards have not been delivered to the thrifts just yet.

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