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Paralegal Career Dressing: More GoodWill Goldmine

Paralegal Career Dressing: More GoodWill Goldmine

Or, Brrrrrrrrr

No way were any outdoor pictures happening today, unless I wanted high winds to knock over my camera tripod, or lift my hair right off my head. I would have skipped posting altogether, except I promised I would share my GoodWill finds for cooler weather this week.  Maybe I’ll get a lot better at indoor pics this winter.

The Deets: Old Navy sweater (like a decade old); Jones New York skirt (GoodWill); Clarks loafers (Rack Room); Scarf (GoodWill); Anne Klein lion pin (in my possession almost 20 years); hinged enamel bracelets (including my most recent one from Chinatown, NYC)

I think I could have tied my scarf a little better, and left the pin off altogether, except I’m trying hard to become a skilled scarf and brooch wearer. I figure lots of practice will make perfect. Eventually.

I did like the mustard tights. I don’t care what my little sister calls me. It’s not like I can wear this color next to my face.

I’m keeping everyone in Sandy’s path in my thoughts and prayers. And wishing my dogs were indoor toilet trained…

24 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: More GoodWill Goldmine

    • Cara, I'm still stinging from being called "Smurfette" over the royal blue ones, but I did have rather too much royal blue on in that particular outfit, true dat 😛 I can see now that a little color in one's tights goes a LONG way.

  1. I like your yellow tights, they fit with the lion pin, too. I have no clue about the proper tying of scarves. Nor am I interested. I just put one on if I want, and that's how it goes. Often it doesn't get tied at all, unless I'm in a windy place or cold.

    Hadn't heard about the storm really, guess it's not news in the mid-west. But then again I don't read/ watch the news either. Take care.

    • Pat, you made me laugh. You, my friend, are just effortlessly cool. The rest of us, we have to work at it a bit.

      I probably wouldn't follow the storm coverage so closely except that The Costume Technician and several good friends (hi, Ally!) live in NYC.

  2. Definitely a day for indoor photos, Lynne! And I love those mustard tights, what did your sister say about them?! Great scarf, however you tied it, and that skirt is worthy of a twirl, I think!
    The hurricane on the way sounds terrifying, like you I hope everyone affected stays safe. xxxx

    • My sis called me "Smurfette" when I wore bright royal blue tights with, I have to admit, a bit too much royal blue elsewhere in the same outfit. Now I'm learning to pop my tights a bit more effectively.

      I think I like bright tights because they remind me of elementary school. I wore bright tights (albeit with super saggy crotches) and dresses every day. And my lunch was packed for me. Good times…lol.

      The skirt is super twirly. Will have to twirl with the Absent Minded Professor has the camera.

  3. I hope there hasn't been too much destruction in NC Lynne! You're looking lovely in colour, those mustard tights are amazing and I for one love how you tied the scarf.

  4. Oh dear! I feel so badly for all of those affected by the hurricane. It is incredible. I love your skirt and your mustard tights! The broach on the scarf is a great trick. Always adds a touch of elegance!

  5. Aww I think the yellow tights pull out the gold of the brooch perfectly. I wish I could tie a scarf so excellently. Not sure how much you're getting hit by the storm, but stay safe out there.

  6. I love your classic skirt, with the mustard tights it makes it look modern too. I think you did a great job on your scarf. Maybe pushed more to one side would work too?

  7. I've got a pair of mustard tights I dearly love, but seldom wear. I need to change that, soon.

    I've been looking for a skirt in just that plaid pattern — somehow, mixing it with mustard yellow is something I didn't think of, but should've, because it looks brilliant.

    I would be lost without my scarves and brooches.

  8. I think I need a pair of mustard colored tights. Yours look great with the purples. I really like the way you tied the scarf. It looks really warm, cozy and stylish! Heather

  9. You look great! I wish my indoor lighting were so great. I like this outfit, mustard tights are cool! I have never worn a broach with that style of scarf, mostly because they fall off. It looks cute though. I pinned one to a beret hat once, it looked cool.

  10. I like this look! I think you can never go wrong with a plaid skirt and I love those mustard tights!! And your scarf looks so warm and cozy.

    I so dislike taking indoor pictures but I'm making it work!

  11. Those tights are fabulous, they look so cool and quirky with the classic skirt! We've been glued to the TV today, we Brits love moaning about the weather and it's nothing compared to the poor buggers in the path of Sandy. xxx

  12. Awww, Lynne, that looks awesome!! Those tights just bring out the best of everything else! Don't you love it when a bright accessory does that!?

  13. Great indoor photo, and I'm liking your scarf tie and how the brooch picks up the gold of your tights. Excellent plaid skirt! So funny that we see things so differently, when I started reading, I was so surprised!

  14. Love the outfit–especially the bright pop of the tights.

    After being stuck inside for 3 days for Sandy–I worship whoever made puppy pee pads!!!! Chihuahuas and 60mph winds don't go together!

  15. Cute…love the tights! I am onto indoor pictures, too. *sigh* The cold has set in here. I am rebelling at the coat wearing though. I'll wait until it gets into the 20's. We are hardy folk here up north! 😉

  16. I love that scarf and how you tied it. Also, what an awesome plaid midi skirt. I love midi skirt and in rich textures and materials like yours they are perfect for colder weather. Also you added some bright color with those mustard tights.

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