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Paralegal Career Dressing: More Styling with Walmart

Paralegal Career Dressing: More Styling with Walmart

I know some of you boycott Walmart, and I completely understand why. I actually hate shopping there, because of the crowds and corporate policies – but when you have teens that eat a week’s worth of groceries in two days and a teeny kitchen with no storage space for bulk purchases, your options are limited.

Sometimes when I have to flee a popular food aisle until I can get a cart through, I quietly freak out and then calm myself by wandering over to the accessories, where I bought this scarf for $5 last year. Since I wear it very frequently, I count it among my better grocery store fashion deals.

Scarf (Walmart); Slacks (Marshalls); Sweater (Ross); Booties (Ross); Earrings (Walmart); Belt (Steinmart clearance)

I realized I’m also wearing earrings from a $5.38 three-pack at Walmart. I’ll have to get you a close-up very soon – they are great set of earrings.

I’m still using the safety pin to create the one-loop scarf in this picture, but have since received a Fashener by Classy Chica,, to review that I’ll be trying. Good-bye safety pins!

4 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: More Styling with Walmart

  1. I love love love your career dressing posts! You inspired me to check out my local thrift store and I couldn't believe all the amazing things I found. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Thank you, Wendy, I appreciate the nice feedback. I work in a conservative profession, and I've been suggesting inexpensive and appropriate work apparel for legal staffers for a while – I thought it was finally time to put my clothes where my mouth was 🙂

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