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Paralegal Career Dressing: Mustard or YELLOW!

Paralegal Career Dressing: Mustard or YELLOW!

Normally,  I think of these skinny jeans as mustard, but they look super yellow with navy blue. Which is hot this season, too.

Although I like to think of navy blue as forever.

The Deets: Skinny jeans (Loft sale); Pewter flats (Loft clearance); Loft blouse (GoodWill); Grace Elements jacket (Steinmart clearance @$10)
If you’re seeing a budget career dressing theme here (I had on a $10 jacket from Steinmart yesterday), you can score very inexpensive but nice jackets at Steinmart by haunting the Red Dot clearance racks with an 80% off Red Dot items coupon in your hand.
Also, don’t forget to wear socks when it’s supposed to be a high of 50 degrees outside.
Having no further words of wisdom, I leave you with a picture of Sasha Jane, looking smarter than me. Which is not that hard.

27 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Mustard or YELLOW!

  1. Woohoo yellow legs! I think the skinny jeans look awesome with navy. A truly under appreciated neutral.

    Speaking of neutral, Miss Sasha Jane is looking gorgeous! She has really come into her blue coloring. She looks smug as a bug in a rug.

  2. Is Sasha Jane a Russian Blue? I have one: Peter the Great. We also had his brother, Ivan the Terrible, but had to put him to sleep 18 mos ago. I love my boys–best cats I've ever had!

  3. Love this colour combo! You always look plenty brilliant to me – I think it's just that Sasha Jane is smarter than all of us. Love her colour combo of velvety grey and mustard eyes too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Oh, Sasha Jane is so pretty! I love a good grey cat.

    I don't wear it much, but navy is probably my favourite neutral of all; I love it paired with the MUSTARD pants.

  5. Now that's a bit spooky, I am wearing mustard/navy striped vintage dress today, which I thought it was very you – and there you are, rocking the very same colours!
    You look completely fabulous in those jeans. And Sasha Jane looks stunning in grey with her mustard eyes. Real fur all the way, if you're a cat! xxxxx

  6. I love your mustard jeans! I don't think they are too yellow next to the blue, it's overall a really attractive looking outfit!

    What a beautiful girl Miss Sasha Jane is! She is truly stunning!

  7. cats have an evil habit of looking far superior in intelligence than their owners, I feel quite the thicko when I get one of those looks from our two!
    Love those yellow jeans, they look amazing and I adore Sasha Jane. xxx

  8. I love the navy and yellow together. I love navy, period, although I have difficulty deciding what color shoes to wear with navy pants or a navy skirt . . . other than navy. I am not a bold-colored shoe person.

    On another note, does you mother ever admonish you for posing pigeon-toed in some of your pics? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ms. Austen

  9. Beautiful color combination. Love the flats too. I'm still not wearing socks with some shoes because they'll make them slip right off my foot. I'm indoors mostly anyway.

  10. Yellow is never too yellow! And a strong yellow like on your trousers does take a lot of blue for balance. I love the silk shirt with the ruffles. I can't wear shirts myself so I really enjoy seeing others in one.

    Miss Sasha Jane is of course Gorgeous!

  11. Not only was I sockless but I was also wearing capris in the Canadian chill today, not a good idea (beauty is pain, beauty is pain…) LOVE the colour combo in this outfit, yellow or mustard I am feeling these skinnies!

  12. Love this colour combination. I have three kitties at home and its so easy for them to like royalty. I think Sasha Jane is trying to tell you that she thinks she has a hot mama ๐Ÿ˜‰

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