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Paralegal Career Dressing: My Aren’t You Colorful Today

Paralegal Career Dressing: My Aren’t You Colorful Today

I think that’s what peeps say when their eyes fall upon your floral pants, and they don’t know what to say.

This is my, “Good God, what am I wearing pose?”
Bentley Arbuckle pants ~ thrifted $8
Chico’s striped button front shirt ~ thrifted
John Fluevog Breva pumps in ice blue ~ John Fluevog
Wide Belt ~ Ross Dress for Less
Cuff and gigantic stretch ring ~ Forever 21
Earrings ~ thrifted

I also got, “Wow, those are fun pants.” Fun like crayons, peeps.

The 1960s called and your grandmother wants her pants back.

I think I might have missed the boat styling these pants, but they are the first floral pants I’ve ever bought (or worn knowingly). (Shortness is also a serious style challenge.) I might have tried to achieve too many upper level style skills in one outfit, including pattern mixing. Somehow I managed to make my Vogs look like cowboy boots – which is a clear sign it didn’t quite work. Also, I think the legs may need tapering – what do you think?

Or I could be gracious about defeat and simply not wear them again.


Maybe I have a future in hand-styling…

But look for these pants again next week, dear readers, because you know I don’t let go of things once I get my mind set on ’em. (Scary, yes.) I’m thinkin’ flats and a darker top. (And maybe tapering if I still look like a Happy Garden Gnome.)

Wait ’til you see my zebra pants ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Sasha Jane plots world domination or maybe just a Corginator Take-Down from my home office chair.

Are you Team Floral Pants or Team Only My Grandma Wears Floral Pants?

P.S. While googling “Bentley Arbuckle floral pants”, I see now that “less is always more” with floral pants. I copy that! And I’m definitely turning these babies into skinny jeans…

21 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: My Aren’t You Colorful Today

  1. I like the effect of the stripes with floral pants. I can see how it might be overwhelming for the office though. Maybe if you slimmed and cropped the pants they might read better? That's what I had to do with my geometric print ones. Cannot wait for the zebra pants!!

    Hello Miss Sasha Jane! Such a pretty girl. She is utilizing the chair as camouflage before carrying out her dastardly deeds.

  2. I like the color of the pants and tapered might be better and at a shorter length. I own exactly one pair of floral pants…and that is enough.

  3. I love the pants and shirt together, and with the blue shoes this is a magic outfit. Magic, I tell you!

    My grandmother was fabulous and tells me from beyond the grave that you are doing her pants proud.

  4. You are really taking chances these days! This combo was just a little too much for my liking. Since the pants are so out there, I think a more subdued top would have made for a better balance. But kudos for taking the plunge. You've definitely inspired me of late to start being more creative with styling.

  5. @Megan ~ Maybe more like Attack of the Creamsicle? ๐Ÿ˜›

    @MeganMae ~ I think definitely slimmed, cropped, and worn with a neutral top is the way to go. It's just too much. Maybe if I were taller ๐Ÿ˜›

    @Terri ~ I'm with you, girl, these may be my first and last floral pants ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Louise ~ Aw, thanks, I do think the Vogs are magical but that they couldn't quite fix this. I've noticed from my own outfit pics that pants do not work as well for me as dresses and skirts. I found some old work pictures when all I wore were NY&Co matching polyester pants and sweaters – the horror! lol

    @Valerie ~ I agree with you. This combo is a little too much for *my* liking, but I felt like honesty in style adventures was the best policy. I think I'm just a little too short to pull this off, but I do think this stretchy fabric is going to make a great pair of skinny crops ๐Ÿ™‚ Y'all will see these pants again in a much more chic form!

  6. I have to disagree with you Lynne because I think this outfit was a TOTAL WIN!!!! I love the stripes and the florals. Since they are both orange it TOTALLY works. I think this is my fave outfit on you to date and if you EVER get sick of those freaking awesome pants, we are the same size . . .

  7. I'm totally a team floral pants. In fact I wore blue floral pants in about 1968 which was the first year girls could wear pants to school. I'll never forget it. They were high waters. ha!
    Love that photo with your hand on the computer keyboard!

  8. You're wearing one of my favorite colors and perfect with the blue accessories. I think floral pants are a good thing! I would be on the lookout if I wasn't shopping my closet!

  9. Are you kidding? Those trousers are fabulous! And you have amazing legs, so they look even better! I'm going to go against the flow of opinion and say I like them with the kick flare, it does their 60s-style paisley glory proud, AND I love the pattern mixing – the similarity of tone means it isn't actually too much (for me!) But then I wore crazy Valentino trousers with outlandish/rude designs on my crotch, so what do I know?! (if you want a laugh, check out THAT post!)
    If you think you'd wear them more in a slimmer/shorter fit, then go for the alteration. But I don't think everything has to be toned down, sometimes you want to ramp it UP! Can't wait for the zebras!

    Cutest Kitty in the World award goes to Sasha Jane.

    Thanks for all your funny and positive comments on my blog, Lynne, really appreciate it!
    Love Curtise xxxx

  10. I say wear them! I nearly purchased a pair of floral pants yesterday and totally considering going back today and buying them. They are uniquely you and of course you should wear them again!

  11. I LOVE the floral pants! I love the color and the fit on you and I think they are fun! This is my favorite on you so far!

    Hello pretty kitty! She looks great!

    I tagged you with the Liebster award. Don't feel pressured to answer the questions and what not, but I wanted to give it you as I really enjoy your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Love the print on those pants. And they are so great paired with the mint (and I don't even like mint!). I do agree that they probably need to be cropped and Angie at You Look Fab says they should also be tapered. She's probably right. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. oh man, if I could only tell you the verbal reactions people have had to the thigns I wear.

    Be proud!

    I love this concept for a blog – it really makes you stand out from everyone else – 'cause I've never seen anything like it.

    Fantastic pants! Super "fun", haha. I do love them, and they're the perfect mix between retro and modern floral chic.

    Your bracelet(s?) are amazing as well. Love love love that color. Especially paired w/ the orange. really unique – very southern.


  14. This outfit was a total win.

    Please don't chop those pants! They deserve to be long and free! And the shoes looked great peeping out from under them. The pants looked great nearly hiding the shoes from view, for that matter. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hey, guys, I appreciate ALL of your feedback. I think these are clearly my love 'em or hate 'em pants. After trying them on again under realistic bright lights, I've decided to keep them long, but turn them into floral skinny jeans. They will re-appear as more chic, or I will die tryin' ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. I am in love with both the floral pants and striped top! For some reason I get a Jim Morrison vibe from them…so that's cool, right?

  17. I think they are fun, and I don't think they need tapering. They fall nicely over your shoes. Nice mix of prints, too. You could shock them all next time by pairing it with a crisp white shirt, or even black.


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