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Paralegal Career Dressing: My Ship SO Came In

Paralegal Career Dressing: My Ship SO Came In

Every time I pull out one of my new-to-me recent GoodWill scores, I crow, “This is my favorite!” But this Evan-Picone jacket might really be my fave. (Until I wear my navy blue Old Navy cable knit sweater tomorrow.) Not only is it right on fall trend, but it cost less than $4.

The Deets: Evan-Picone jacket (GoodWill); a.n.a. multi-chain necklace (jcp clearance); a.n.a. skinny jeans (jcp); Clarks loafers (Rack Room); Dahlia Collection denim shirt (Marshalls)

And you guys, one of the attorneys that shares office space in our building brought in a 150-piece bag of assorted bite-sized chocolate bars just for me.

Why am I always smiling like an idgit? Otherwise I have a long, dour face, rather like Mr. Ed.

Well, that last part is not true. It might be true that I ate all the Milky Ways out of it.

Finally, y’all notice anything, er, unusual in this picture of the back of the historic house our law firm owns?

Did you have a lot of candy left at your house? Er, any Milky Ways?

Photo credit: The Absent-Minded Professor (all of the really good pics on this blog are probably by him)

29 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: My Ship SO Came In

  1. Phew – finally November. I blew October's thrifting budgeting, so every great score you or Megan (Mae Daily) post makes me an eensy bit jealous. And by eensy, I mean incredibly.
    (No milky ways, but I have dibs on all the reese's!!)

  2. I lovelovelove that jacket. What an awesome plaid. We actually have mostly milky ways left… it's the only candy I don't really like! We've mostly eaten all the candy though, we only got one trick or treater.

  3. Oh you do rock the jeans and blazer look, you are such a supermodel, Lynne!
    I can't smile on my photos, I'm genetically pre-disposed to looking dour. Chronic Bitchface, it's an affliction… On the other hand, it means people never bother me on public transport, because of my Fuck Off Face. Sorry for the swearing, I can't help that either.
    Cheeky Halloween skeleton at the serious law firm, love it! xxxx

    • I'm all for swearing and chronic bitchface, except I think you are beautiful. Plus, you were smiling in Vix's recent pics and totally rocking a catsuit. You are my hero!

  4. The comment above mine is cracking me up! ๐Ÿ˜›

    I love this look! I have three blazers and cannot seem to wear them. I will do it dammit! I love the skeleton too, I wish my work were more festive! It's so cool that someone brought you candy too ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. OMG. I love this blazer. LOVE IT!! Plaid, perfect fit and only $4?? You hit the motherload woman!!

    He he skeleton!!

    We had a tiny bit of candy left – and not any of my favorites, so I guess at least I won't bulk up on it!!

  6. That skeleton in the window is awesome! He looks like he is waving, lol. Your blazer is so awesome. What a score. You gotta love a good plaid blazer. Looking forward to seeing your Old Navy sweater.

  7. I love that blazer on you, it's such a cute shape and cool length and you totally rock those skinny pants.
    What a sweet guy bringing you all those treats. xxx

  8. Is your Skelly wearing a special outfit too? The AMP always takes fantastic pictures of you, good work man! Great blazer, I need to get more wear out of the one I have, before it gets too cold. If I wear it to work, people ask if I am about to have an interview. harumph.

  9. Ohhh that blazer is fab!!
    we have all our candy (save what i've eaten) because Halloween got rescheduled for the 7th. But I'm sure it will just mean more mounds left over for me.

  10. This is the blazer I'm in love with…but don't tell the blazers hanging in my closet. You styled it beautifully.
    And yes, we have lots and lots of Halloween candy left. Only candy corn and tootsie rolls though. I was thrilled to read that I can eat 3 little pkts of candy corn for only 150 calories. Darn, I wished I had remembered…I could have taken it to work with me for breakfast. Memo to self for next week.

  11. I see a skeleton in the window? Now, is that YOUR skeleton?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Lynne, you always look great! I love the jacket. I have so enjoyed playing catch-up here this morning. Pardon my slowness, please! We have much enjoyed the whole Halloween busy-ness this past week, including our little granddaughter's first year to play dressup! But busy week! Anyhoo, you and I should meet at a halfway GW Boutique some time!! Wanna?


  12. Every trendy jacket of this type I spot makes me look like Herb Tarlek on a particularly bad day. Yours is fantastic, and much more in line with what I'm looking for, and have yet to find.

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