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Paralegal Career Dressing: New Bifocals!

Paralegal Career Dressing: New Bifocals!

Not even I believe I just titled this post “New Bifocals”…this is style blogging?

The Deets: ny connection skirt (Goodwill) | Luxe cardi (thrifted) | bow tie blouse (Loft add’tl 50% off clearance rack) | CW suede t-strap pumps (thrifted and survived the shoe purge) | Megan Mae Daily Button Flowers!

Well, it kinda really is, if you’re kissing 50 years of age, blind as a bat, and should have been wearing bifocals 10 years ago, but were so vain you’d wear contacts that didn’t quite correct your astigmatism, buy loads and loads of reading glasses to wear with them, and sometimes wear the reading glasses over your old prescription glasses.

Please excuse the blur. It’s not your glasses. I was at the start of twirling the skirt.

Yep, the old double glasses look. But only at home.

Where the family laughed their asses off every time I got busted doing it.

But y’all, I’m tired. I look at documents all day, terribly interesting documents from other countries to be sure,  and bifocals give me perfect vision, even for the teeniest print. I’m not too keen on the better view of my wrinkles, but I do like not having computer monitors positioned six inches from my nose.


When I went to the eye doctor this last time, I begged, “Help me find a pair of bifocals I can wear all the time. Because I suck at picking out glasses frames.”

Antique brooch added to button flowers, plus antique spoon bracelet

I have never liked a single pair of glasses I’ve picked out in my life, and there’s been a lot of wishful glasses. But these frames, they might be the ones, guys. And I finally own something designed by Kate Spade.

Now, how to keep the flash from bouncing off the lenses. Anyone? I know, go outside. But it’s cold and wet out there.

P.S. This beautiful plaid skirt from GoodWill ($3.75) has a bum zipper! I was so bummed by this discovery I thought I’d just toss it, but I got so many compliments today, and I loved the photos (except for the glare on the glasses), that I’m going to fix it. Maybe myself. Because I can.

33 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: New Bifocals!

  1. What a beautiful, twirly plai … well crumb on the bum zipper!!! A pain, but I agree – cool enough to fix. Your glasses are really beautiful on you, congrats! and it sounds like you'll be a lot more comfortable. It is exciting to find glasses one really likes! I love the jewel tones, antique bits, and buttonflower collection too, yum!

    • Ally, it's so funny you said that. A lighting expert recently brought a desk lamp to try in my office. The base is too short, and he suggested piling up some books for added height, adding, "They'll make you look smart." I found four fat Martindale Hubbells in our "library" (i.e. fake-o shelves full of old law books nobody uses anymore) – from 2000. I look REALLY smart with those phat tomes on my desk…lol.

  2. The new glasses are super fabulous. A little bit retro, but also modern. I think you picked a perfect pair. The skirt IS gorgeous. Please get it fixed up! (Or let me steal it) It reminds me of my midi skirt, which I had to hem up because I found three holes along the bottom. Sometimes thrifting is hit or miss.

  3. I love your new glasses Lynne! I just started wearing glasses about a year ago but I hated that they had me pick out frames after they dilated my eyes! Really?!!? Love this skirt too. I have a similar one in red. You've inspired me to break it out again!

  4. Okay, double glasses… Guilty! I really like your new specs. I'm glad you found something that you FINALLY like. Megan Mae says it, retro/modern. That's a beautiful skirt – I hope you can rescue the zipper!

    • AFter everyone 40+ has done tulle & tea cups, maybe we should do double glasses ๐Ÿ˜›

      I think The Costume Technician made a tulle skirt five years ago, and I'm hoping to borrow it for just a wee bit!

  5. the new glasses look great, Lynne. I so recognise the contacts-plus-glasses or glasses-on-glasses look, at least till I got my varifocal contacts. The joys of ageing…
    I hope you do fix the zip on that skirt, it's lovely and gives good twirl. And it's a great shape on you, a change from the fitted pencil skirts, I like it!
    Envying the shoes too. I need blue shoes, why don't I have any blue shoes? xxxxx

    • Varifocal contacts – I'll be inquiring into them. Day three and I can't quite get the hang of being an all the time glasses wearer.

      These shoes were $6 – the only shoes with a touch of blue and the "in" cap toe I've got.

  6. Your plaid skirt is gorgeous, I love the volume and the colouring! The shoes are very lovely too!

    I got my reading glasses in May this year, after having fought with my laptop, books and cooking recipes for years! Now I realize it must have made me look much older, not being able to read, asking for help all the time. Embarrassing!

  7. You look great in your new glasses! I think I had a Kate Spade pair at one point. I think my last ones were Gucci or some such and I only wore them for about 6 months before I got Lasik surgery. I gave them to my sister, and told her to use them since the frames were so spendy. When you wear something every single day, you need to really love it! I couldn't wear contacts staring at my computer all day. It totally dried out my eyes.

    I love your outfit today, too! I'm sure you can fix that zipper and will get loads of use out of that skirt. It is so pretty on you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So far, my eyesight is so bad, I keep getting told I'm not a candidate for Lasik. That would be a great option, but strange, as the world's been a big blur without eye correction as long as I can remember.

    • Exactly the same for me too, Lynne. I have terrible eyesight but apparently my pupils 'dilate too much'! Is that a swizz made up by my optician to keep me buying glasses?

      Your news glasses are lovely, you look like a gorgeous geek.

  8. You look great in those glasses. Thank goodness such a thing exists! When I went in to get my eyes checked about 20 years ago, the guy said "You're right on time," meaning my 20-20 vision was ready for reading glasses. But I think they're fun. I have dozens of pairs all over the house. I just get cheapo pairs and every 5 years or so, up the magnification.

    And yes you can put in a new zip! Love those 2-tone blue shoes too.

  9. The glasses ARE perfect!! I love them. They compliment your face and your whole look. Congrats on finding them.

    I definitely agree you should fix the zipper. It shouldn't be too hard, or expensive if you take it to a tailor. It looks great on you, as does the rest of the outfit. Happy happy joy joy!!

  10. I love the way that entire outfit — well — hangs. That sounds so awful when I look at it in print, but truly, this outfit just flows! You gotta fix the zipper! I love your new glasses. My vision is good except for reading now (isn't nearly 50 loads of fun?) and I love picking out cute readers!


  11. I have computer glasses…and regular glasses. I have had them for years, but they are slowly becoming a part of my outfit. I have to combine those suckers into one pair soon. So one bifocal coming up. I love this outfit. The tie-neck blouse if my favorite piece in the outfit.

  12. You look fabulous! And the "fix" for glasses glare is to tilt your face slightly away from the camera. You'll get the hang of it soon. Love that skirt, definitely a keeper!

  13. You look so cute in specs, don't just wear them at home! That skirt is gorgeous, perfect for swirling around the office! xxx

  14. I REALLY love the skirt. You should totally pay to have the zipper replaced – seriously, it'll only cost you $12 at the most!

    Great outfit, Lynne!

  15. Gorgeous outfit Lynne – love the skirt.

    Love your glasses too. I wear multifocals ;-). Also have astigmatism, but found the schlep of getting the contacts to stay straight in and weighted correctly too much phys ed.

    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend.

  16. I concur with Queen Sheila… the skirt… the whole outfit, is too gorgeous to not keep around! I really love how those shoes and tights play off each other… *swoon*

  17. Heh. It's becoming horribly, sadly apparent that I need bifocals, too. Yours are really cute! I'm not giving up my contacts, or anything, but I'm getting ever closer to just sucking it up and going to the optometrist and accepting reality.

    I'd definitely pay to have the zipper replaced in that skirt; it looks terrific on you, and your colour mix here is wonderful.

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