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Paralegal Career Dressing: A New Watch

Paralegal Career Dressing: A New Watch

That’s what I buy when my watch batteries die.

Because most places that replace watch batteries are way outta my way, and then when they are in my way, I’ve forgotten to bring the watches.

Kenar cardigan ~ I almost GoodWill’d this. What an idiot!
Loft tank ~ Loft Outlet clearance
Loft skinny jeans ~ Loft sale
Vaneli pumps ~ $8 thrifted. You can pet them!
Costume jewelry! Lots! And lots!

It’s just easier to grab a cheap watch, so last night I said to the Absent-Minded Professor, “Let’s go out and have breakfast for dinner, and get me a new watch on the way!”

To which he readily agreed, because he totally gets me.

Some of this stuff came from the dollar bin at the thrift store. I know, you’re shocked.

I head straight to the clearance watch table at Steinmart, and immediately fall in love with a bigass watch with a bigass peacock on it and rhinestones. I long for it with all my heart and soul, and am not even bothered by the fact that I can’t actually read the time on it.

What’s the craziest fashion accessory you’ve ever had to have?

Photo Credit: The Absent-Minded Professor (his pics are way better’n mine)

P.S. I’m linking up to Coffee and Cardigans Thrifter Thursday. Today it’s the shoes and several bracelets. Tomorrow it could be the whole outfit.

18 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: A New Watch

  1. I always love your put together but very easy to wear outfits…. AND your jewelry. That watch is so much fun! I am saving to buy a nice Michael Kors watch… hope to be able to get it next week, but we'll see… XOX

  2. I'm admiring every element of this outfit. Your choice of watches makes me smile. Love it.
    So sweet that your husband "gets you". Isn't that great? 🙂

  3. Love that cardigan, especially with the neckline of the tee and necklaces. Very nice pairing. Also hooray for crazy watches.

    My craziest accessory, as you know, are my harnesses. I love them to pieces.

  4. Gorgeous peacock watch. And those mustard jeans always look great. Nice hair too, Lynne! But I agree with Jean, it's the pettable shoes which I am looking at most… xxxxx

  5. I adore this look – the yellow trousers make it for me. Pettable shoes are awesome (I have a few pairs myself!).

    The watch is so cool – that's the only way I'd do a watch, as non-functional jewelry.

    My craziest accessory is probably my stomacher (sort of a wide cinched belt, not quite a corset). It's not your everyday piece!

  6. That is one awesome peacock watch – love it! I'm also crazy about your yellow skinnies. I'm hoping to invest in another pair or two of colored pants for fall!

  7. It's a crazy wonderful watch! And I was so surprised to see it, thinking that you'd buy a sensible little Timex like I do every time my battery dies. I went through a spell of buying belly-dance costumes I thought I had to have…and then never wore.

  8. I stopped wearing watches when I was a kid because they always seemed to stop working after about a week. This is probably more indicative of the cheapo watches I kept getting rather than anything about my personal electromagnetic field, but these days it's not a habit for me to wear a watch at all–which is silly, because I get anxious when I don't know what time it is! I should get something watchlike for when I'm not able to check my phone every twenty seconds…

    P.S. That cardigan is great! I have a drapey gray one like it, but it's entirely too warm to even think about right now. Someday, though, we'll be twinsies!

  9. Oh, that watch is beautiful, never mind reading the time, its all about fashion 😉 love how well the colours play together in your outfit, gorgeous! 🙂

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