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Paralegal Career Dressing: No Heels on the Ark

Paralegal Career Dressing: No Heels on the Ark

So I find a pair of Bandolino heels I forgot I owned and have no idea where they came from, and decide today I’ll strive to be a little more fashion-focused and forgo my usual flats. Keep in mind that it’s not raining when I leave home.

Keep in mind that I know this picture is awful, and I need a better camera for career fashion blogging purposes, but I had to post the pic to tell the sad, sad story of fashion landing on its ass.

Loft dress (clearance at outlet store), No-name cardi, Forever 21 belt swiped from my boyfriend sweater, antique jade pin, and traitorous heels

After I got to work, it started raining so hard that it would have been the perfect day to launch the Ark. I had an appointment outside of the office, and while walking to my car, realized the smooth surface of my heels made walking on wet pavement like roller-skating, except I’m better at roller-blading.

The office building where my appointment was has a wide tile hallway from front to back. It was not wet, but the bottom of my shoes sure were. As I slipped and slid into the building itself, I made a note to swing by the house and change into infinitely more sensible shoes after the appointment.

Too late. About 10 feet from the door, I felt one foot start to slip out from underneath me, and while struggling to stay upright, more or less landed with a nice thud on my hip and ass.

Good thing I had fried chicken and macaroni and cheese last night, because I needed all the padding I could get. Good thing I didn’t break anything, because I don’t bounce like I used to.

Now the cute and comfortable heels are relegated to being worn only in long drought periods, and my butt has seriously hurt feelings and wounded pride.

Maybe I need to invest in some galoshes.

Any tips for making high heels less slippery li’l suckers?

2 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: No Heels on the Ark

  1. Lynne, I hope you're okay and not bruised too badly. Nothing worse that a bad hurt on a place one can't rub in public!

    Years ago, there were thin treads which could be stuck on the bottom of shoes such as these. They were thin rubber discs with an etched pattern and an adhesive backing. Even if you find them, though, they're a mixed blessing. The same tread which makes it a little easier on slick tile makes them more likely to hang on carpet. Then you get to fall on your knees!

  2. Ouch! Love the heels, by the way! With my luck, there would have been tons of witnesses to the fall and my dress would have ended up bunched around my waist.

    Try putting a couple of pieces of duct tape on the soles – I've done that before.

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