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Paralegal Career Dressing: Oh So Blue

Paralegal Career Dressing: Oh So Blue

I may have mentioned the law firm where I work is undergoing some interior remodeling. In particular, several attorneys got to pick their own paint for their new offices. The wall colors are all different, and to quote my one of my supervising attorneys regarding reactions to the final product, “Everyone definitely has an opinion.”

The chain to my longest adjustable necklace kept moving to the front, so I just left it like that. 
The Deets: Agenda shrug (old); Mossimo long-sleeve tee (Target); Necklaces (Jada’s Jewels); XAppeal boots (old, Rack Room); Etcetera skirt (GoodWill)

If you notice a little debris around my feet in these pictures, we’re still crawling over furniture covered in plastic in some of the offices. Friday is the big move day, which I am dreading. Not because I mind moving, but because I have to clean out the desk where I’ve sat for seven, maybe eight years. It may be time to part with those time sheets I’ve still got from 1996…

I got so many compliments on the back of this skirt today. This was $4 well spent.

This is the first day it’s been cool enough to wear the skirt I bought in a Nashville, Tennessee GoodWill store when Megan and I got together in June. It’s extremely well made (ergo, the butt shot), and the snake skin print lining is so beautiful that I’m thinking about wearing it inside out next time.

I’m also thinking of doing a new feature in my posts called “Panic Attack of the Day”. Yesterday’s occurred in the powerless medical center. Today’s occurred on the way home from work, because I had to stop by the grocery store and figure out something for the Teens to eat. The Absent-Minded Professor usually cooks but he had to work tonight. I’m fine with a sandwich for dinner, but I can’t convert the rest of the family. They all seem to want their food cooked.

I melted down a little more when I couldn’t find the ready made fried chicken, but mentally slapped myself into a semblance of sanity, and then followed the other mothers to the new section where it had been moved. Gave myself props for major-problem solving skills.

One of my friends loves having beer and popcorn for dinner if she doesn’t have to cook. If you don’t have think about anyone else, what’s your favorite food for dinner?

16 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Oh So Blue

  1. That skirt is amazing! Definitely a well-spent $4.00. And it looks amazing on you. I love the styling and the blue backdrop is nice.

    I'm a single gal so I *don't* have to think about anyone else. As a result, I eat a lot of cold cereal for dinner. Or, if I'm trying to be healthy, quinoa and vegetables.

  2. I really like the blue walls – they really make your outfit pop!

    What a lovely skirt – the rear view IS amazing! Such great details in those buttons and seams.

    I like popcorn for dinner!

  3. Too funny about converting everyone to sandwiches. I know what you mean. I could totally do that, but it doesn't fly every night 'round here. Thankfully, the Mr. cooks here as well. Love the blue walls, and your outfit looks great. You are right that skirt was 4$ well spent. I love the way its made in the back. I've never seen one like it! I have some fun shoes by Xappeal that I LOVE.


  4. I love your layered pearls, and I do like that office color. it's fun they got to choose.

    If I'm eating on my own and there are fresh tomatoes, i am all about my grilled cheese and tomato.

    in the winter… probably pastina.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. I pretty much eat any kind of food that no body else will eat. Which ranges from takeout to tuna salad sandwiches. A can of soup and grilled cheese is what I need something warm but can't bear to make anything intensive.

    I adore that skirt and I'm so glad you got it. It's like – everyday steampunk. I still remember how well-made it felt, definitely a bargain at $4.

  6. Aw time sheets! Lol! I have some from when I started three years ago. Woof. Sometimes I think the area of law leads you to hoarding because you just never know when you'll need to dig up that .42 minutes you spent to draft that motion.

    This is my FAVORITE look on you to date Lynne. Honestly you look so chic. I love your boots and check out that skirt gurl! Totally worthy of a good butt shot. I love the colors and the fabrics. Lovely.

    How sweet of the hubby to do the cooking!

  7. If I don't have to cook for anyone I tend to go way uber simple and I have cereal for dinner! And I honestly think cereal tastes different at night than it does in the morning and I know that sounds looney!

    Also, the blue totally reminds me – in my first job post college I was a youth director in a church and they let me pick out a color to paint my office. I asked for a blue that I thought would be pretty tame. I ended up with a super bright blue and was teased the entire time I worked there.

    I love the button detail in that skirt!!

  8. I painted my bedroom that color when I was 14, ha! My parents were not thrilled but I was tired of the frilly wallpaper. Interesting choice for a law firm, but of course, I LOVE it!

  9. A great colour to take your pics against! Is it bad that I painted a room bright green in our house because I look good in that colour & want to take blog pics next to it?

    I tend to make one pan pasta dinners when left to my own devices and add lots of cheese. Sometimes I eat it out of the pan… !

    • I think it's completely normal to paint a room in your house just for the background for blog pics 🙂 I wish I had such a room. Wait, I CAN HAZ such a room! Green, I think, green? Or purple? Or I can just run around to all the different offices at work 😛

      Pasta and cheese, another huge fave of mine.

  10. Lynne, you are ever stunning in this outfit! The dangly chain and back detailing on the skirt are gravy. Maybe don't tell the person who chose the colour (which you are marvellous in front of) that it's almost as good a background as the dumpster?

    I love my blue office too! I've had a really successful run of paint-colour consulting at my workplace, but man did people ever freak right out while our waiting room was in process – the first couple of coats of yellow were a tad feverish, but it turned out awesome in the end!

    Fave just-me dinners: garlic & basil scrambled eggs, turkey-ginger-rosemary spinach soup. Mmm!

  11. What a great outfit and LOVE the details on the back of that skirt. Great find!

    Haha…beer and popcorn?!? Oh my! My go to meal is just wheat toast with an avocado, little lime juice and salt and pepper. Tomato, too, if I have it. Takes a few minutes to make, is yummy and healthy. The kids get mac and cheese or tomato soup. I was doing a lot of that when hubby was out of town the last week and a half.

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