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Paralegal Career Dressing: One Sharp-Dressed Cat

Paralegal Career Dressing: One Sharp-Dressed Cat

My first pair of printed pants has turned out to be my most favorite pants EVER. And that’s saying a lot as I’ve spent almost 50 years on this planet.

Loft cropped pants ~ Loft sale
Loft pewter ballet pants ~ Loft 50% off clearance price
Spense tee-shirt ~ Ross Dress for Less a few years ago
Multi-chain necklace ~ Loft sale
I kind of want to throw all my other clothes away, and buy four more pairs of pants just like them. Drat that self-imposed shopping ban. 
So I may just wear them every Friday, because they make getting dressed so easy. Add one tee-shirt, flats, and a necklace, and it took me less than 10 minutes to get ready for work this morning.
The Cat, the mostly outside one Dear Hubby brought to our marriage, took the time to remind me this morning that no one cares what I’m wearing, especially him.
Dude, you’re blockin’ the shoes.

He’s a much sharper dresser than me anyway, always got that tuxedo brushed off and ready to go.
I’m auditioning for lead back-up dancer.

If he didn’t squirt food out of both sides of his mouth when he eats, he’d totally be a contender.
Stop taking pictures of yourself and pet me.
I hope all of you have a relaxing weekend. I am going shopping…in my closet.
Photo Credit: The Absent-Minded Professor

16 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: One Sharp-Dressed Cat

  1. I was all squeeing over your fabulous pants – seriously, awesome. I wanted to go look in loft for a pair. I also love the shiny shoes with them.

    Then omg! Kitty. I am aww-ing and going "Kiiiittyyy" All tuxedo cats remind me of my late Gomez. He was my baby. My big ole 20+ year old baby, but my baby nonetheless.

    Tux says "idgaf"

    He's such a handsome fella. You got some good lookin' kitties and puppies.

  2. They have some new ones in stock now that are black with tan designs on them. They were wanting to come home with me but I said NO… you are not on sale so you may not come home with me…

  3. I heartily approve of your infatuation with these pants! And how smart of you to get printed pants in a small-scale print! you get all the pizzazz and up to the moment-ness of wearing printed pants, but so much easier to wear in a flattering manner. Looks like an idea that's eminently worth stealin'!

    Send my warmest personal regards to Mr. Formalwear. Those pics of you two are priceless and sweet! Happy Weekend! steph

  4. Ha! I love the kitty-bombing! What a lovely gentleman he is in his tux, too. Hee, great captions, Lynne!

    I adore those pants – what is the print? Is it words (I would love that)? Great top too!

  5. Have fun shopping your closet Lynne! Your posts and photos always make me smile. Thank you for that. The cat is a cutie. I like how he photo bombed the living out of your shots today. Great printed pants. I can see why they are your fave.

  6. Those pants are super! I love a close fitting patterned pant too.

    I don't know what it is when I come in to your blog for a visit. I feel like your little corgi's photo is a bit different each time. 😉 Are you changing it? He's so darn cute!

  7. Yes those trousers are great, and fit you perfectly. You will have to keep an eagle (legal?) eye out for more in the thrift stores. I have some in a similar style in leopard print, but I feel a bit thunderous of thigh in them, so haven't worn them yet…
    Your black and white cat is the spitting image of one of mine. She is an awkward so-and-so too! I just showed my OH the pics on your blog, and he reckons not only do the cats look similar, he thinks we do too, which is very flattering to me! xxxxx

  8. Your posts always make me smile and feel so happy to read them. I I think you're going to get that backup dancer job…no problem.

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