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Paralegal Career Dressing: Orchid Sike

Paralegal Career Dressing: Orchid Sike

I was an IKEA virgin until last weekend, when the Absent Minded Professor suggested “running in for an hour or so” before we picked up the Costume Technician at the Charlotte airport.

Hehe. “Run in” IKEA.

You know why you should plan outfits the night before? Because you might sleep through your alarm. Not that it ever happens to me, or that I end up grabbing whatever my hand touches first. Just sayin’. MODA no iron shirt (BR clearance @$11); Wildlife skirt (thrifted); Easy Street ruffled sling backs (@$16 last year from Hamricks); Green beads (I dunno – been hanging on my decorative key hooks turned necklace rack for years without a single wear.)

Actually, I kinda almost had a nervous meltdown right smack in the middle of the shopping hordes, who appeared to be grouped in large but slow-moving hunting parties. Plus, I’d left my Garmin in the car, and kept getting lost.

Reading glasses as hair accessories.

Who knew IKEA was just like Disney World? (I hate Disney World.)  Don’t get me wrong. I liked the IKEA stuff, just not the IKEA shopping experience.

Look what was on the door of one of my common photo haunts! I didn’t do it! But wish I’d thought of it.

I had to wait, like, 25 minutes in line to buy two items, one of which was a giant stuffed dog, so I wasn’t freakin’ givin’ up and abandoning my purchases, as I am wont to do if made to wait too long. I also thought I was going to get to ride the world’s biggest roller coaster. Rats.

My paternal grandmother would have adored these beads.

One of the items was a faux orchid to put in a handmade pot I’d been given as a speaker gift at the North Carolina Advocates for Justice summer paralegal conference (the same one where I met Erin Brockovich, for realsies). I did have a real orchid in my office, but after two years of thriving, it suddenly died. I felt I couldn’t sustain another devastating loss.

My beloved immortal orchid.

I’ve been enjoying the looks on co-workers’ faces when they admire the orchid, and then I get to tell them it’s not real. That experience was most enjoyable, tho’, when I had to tell the professional office plant maintenance lady it isn’t real, too. Hee. Pretty much right up there with getting to ride the world’s biggest roller coaster.

So where do you stand on plants in your office? Real vs. faux? Capable of killing both? 🙂

9 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Orchid Sike

  1. Firm believer in cacti. It's probably the only plant that I can't kill. We used to have prickly ones planted in front of my apartment as a kid (in Georgia). My mom planted them and they bloomed when it very rarely rained. The blooms were always the most beautiful things.

    Cracking up at people admiring the flower though!

    I love your fabulous ribbon skirt! That shade of blue looks incredible on you.

  2. LOVE the skirt, but then again I love nearly everything that you wear!!

    I also happen to love love love IKEA. With that said, I have the same issue that you have…too many herds of people. I also hate that people touch everything as I am a bit germ-phobic!


  3. For sleeping through an alarm, you certainly look nice in all blue today!! And YOU MET THE REAL ERIN BROKEVICH????? I would die! I am not kidding when I say that the movie with Julia Roberts is the story of my life ("married" twice, three kids, single mom–well not anymore, paralegal . . .). That was until I was in college to get my paralegal certificate and they showed the movie as what NOT to do as a paralegal. Boo. Talk about dream crushing.

  4. I have four big plants in my office 'cause I like how calming they are. Two are real and two are fakes. They're next to each other and nobody can tell any of them aren't real.

    I like IKEA's prices and products but, as you note, the shopping-experience is often tiresome.

  5. I remain an Ikea virgin. We do have plants in the "community" part of our office and the administrative assistants care for them. Any plant in my office would die a slow death as I do the majority of my work at home.

  6. 1. I miss IKEA.!
    2. I miss IKEA often!
    3. I love your skirt.
    4. For someone who overlslept you look freaking amazing.
    5. I often wear my glasses as a hair accessory – I just have an issue when pieces get stuck in the nose piece and tickle my eyes.
    6. Prefer live plants, but will consider faux providing it can fool the experts.
    7. Pity you didn't a pic of Erin's shoes 😉
    Hope your day is stunning.

  7. I have a beta fish with plant combo sitting on my desk at home. It is so calming for me.

    I adore those beads! I have a habit of buying long beads to go with a particular outfit and then scrapping the idea to wear them as coils of bracelets with a random clothes combo. I'm spontaneous like that.

  8. I'm so glad I'm not the only woman who wasn't thrilled with the whole Ikea store experience. It was NOT a calm, meandering through the aisles, kind of shopping trip I was hoping for. I was afraid the Estrogen Police were going to show up & drag me away for not being thrilled with the place. All my "mommy friends" love it.

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