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Paralegal Career Dressing: Pet My Shoes

Paralegal Career Dressing: Pet My Shoes

I took The Teen to Plato’s Closet to buy a dress for a dance last weekend. As we were getting ready to check out, I spotted leopard print heels, almost new and clearly rarely worn. I put them on the floor, and put one foot in. The Teen put her foot in the other, and announced they’d be perfect with her dress for the dance.

I said, “Nuh-uh, I spotted them first, they are mine.” (Selfish thrifting mommy).

She replied, “But they are perfect for the dance, and so comfortable!”

So I [generously] said, because they were super comfortable, “Okay, you can wear them to the dance, but THEN they’re mine.” (Slightly less selfish thrifting mommy).

You can’t tell from the pics, but they are faux hide. They’re kinda like fake taxidermied heels. You can pet them. Seriously.

Tan Foxcroft no-iron gingham blouse (thrifted $4); Merona guava berry skirt (Target); Vaneli pumps (thrifted $8); Skinny belt (I dunno); Necklace (Charming Charlies)
These shoes are made for petting and walking.
You can tell my coffee has kicked in.
Ready to kick the day’s butt.
Not really. I can’t even keep a straight face.
My wardrobe NEEDED these shoes.

Ever gone thrifting with a friend or family member, and ended up wanting the same item?

12 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Pet My Shoes

  1. Haha, I love that one gleeful picture! My leopard baby wedges are that same faux hide yet the inside of the shoe says they're leather? Not sure how that works. Anyway – the coral + white + leopard is a great combo! Like your metallic belt with it too.

  2. Ohwow! Lovely shoes. I had a great pair of Vaneli sandals for awhile.

    I rarely thrift with anyone else, it's sort of a solo thing. Though I honestly don't have anyone I know in real life who is my same size. My shoe size and clothing sizes are quite small. My mom frequently laments my size 6 foot (all the women in my family wear a size 8.5 – except me). The great thing about blogging for me is finding people of similar sizing to swap with, if only I could thrift via internet with friends!

  3. Girl. These heels are worth fighting for! Nice of you to lend them to The Teen for the dance though. 😉 Your photos are so much fun! I love reading all your adventures!

  4. haha…I can see why the shoes has turned you into a "selfish" mom, I would too…they look lovely! It's like something I have been looking for too. Incidentally, I also thrifted a pair of animal print shoes yesterday, it's zebra print, since I can't find leopard, zebra will do as well! Haha…by the way that tangerine skirt is lovely as well.


  5. I love the coffee kicked in photo! And this story about finding the shoes that you will share! It's funny that when I thrift with my daughters, we'll often put items in our carts that makes us think of one another.

  6. i don't think you can ever go wrong with shoes you can pet! and the fact that you can share them with your daughter makes them even better!

  7. What a cute story. I applaud your conflict-resolution skills.

    The shoes are adorable. And your playful poses are so nice.

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