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Paralegal Career Dressing: Real Women Have Wrinkles

Paralegal Career Dressing: Real Women Have Wrinkles

This post brought to you by Megan Mae Daily (the clothes part anyway)

I’ve joked about changing the name of this blog to Real Women Have Wrinkles for years. Not just the skin deep kind, but the kind that your clothes get from sitting at a desk ones, too.

The Deets: Loft dress (gift from Megan); tie belt (gift from Megan);  navy top (Anthropologie clearance room last year); snap cuff (gift from Megan); angels pin (thrifted); Clarks loafers (Rack Room)

It was drizzling when I went to work this morning, so by the time it cleared up enough to grab pics of the Loft sheath Megan thrifted for me, it was nice and wrinkled. I also discovered too late, even though the dress is fully lined, I needed a slip to keep it from clinging to my tights. Such is the glamorous life of the lowly style blogger, lacking even an unpaid intern to steam out wrinkles for photographs, or to tell you you’re standing like a dork.

This pin reminded me of Dylan; I bought a brooch from her Etsy store, too.

Insane week at work, peeps. but I know our law firm is lucky to have lots of demand for our services. Hoping to catch a bit of a break over the weekend – so the insanity can start again next week.

Real women have new reading glasses, too.

I hope all of you have a relaxing weekend, and thank so much for your terrific supportive comments to my recent posts. You guys are absolutely the best.

P.S. I’ve added this post to Patti’s Visible Monday over at Not Yet Dead Style. I hope you’ll go check out the real and beautiful style bloggers gathered there.

49 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Real Women Have Wrinkles

  1. loved the post today! Maybe it is because I resonate to the wrinkled-because-I-work part, maybe because it's amusingly ingenious. Maybe it's just because your tights are lovely! Or, it could also be because of the cute dorkiness. Who knows!

  2. Is saying I love your whole look being self-centered? I mean, because I sent you half of it? Ah well, I LOVE IT!

    That dress fits you like a dream, I'm glad I came across it. The cuff is a great match for your Lynn Dylan brooch.

    Your hair is looking amazing btw. Very shiny!

  3. I love that name for a blog! You look just amazing, Lynne! Love the tights and shoes – and the wrinkles! That's what my lap looks like after a day – we don't even want to talk about my butt.

    Have a calm weekend, with much joy.

  4. What you talking about bling envy, girl? Look at your stuff! So cute and dangley-like with angels, even. And a tuff cuff too. My, my, looking good.

  5. The wrinkles are why I try to take my pictures at the crack of dawn, espresso cup in hand! But it just means you moved about and lived in your clothes. No need to look like a mannequin (and sometimes their arms/legs come off, you wouldn't want that).

    The bench pic looks like the start of a well-earned rest, hope you have a lovely tranquil weekend πŸ™‚

  6. I love the dress. And that cling thing. Another reason I don't like tights or pantyhose. But there is one thing I'd like to see with the dress. The belt is pretty and if you had a bright colored necklace it would brighten up the whole thing. I think you could put any color with the dress. What a find.


    You look so cozy, polished and Perfect for Fall!! The dress looks so much better accessorized with the pin & belt. =) Those tights are awesome. I am loving the Fall photos with all those pretty leaves. That last one of you on the bench needs to be a Facebook profile photo, or something. πŸ˜‰

    Enjoy Your Weekend, Ada. =)

  8. So, the dress isn't ruched at the sides then? Well, you look very elegant, the blue-grey colour mix is lovely and the brooch is gorgeous!

    I remember a few times where I've forgotten a slip too. Since I don't drive a car I always go by bus, and have a bit if a walk to the bus stop as well. A couple of neighbors had so much fun on those occasions!

    • Judith, I'm embarrassed to admit that in a vain hope for cooler weather, I picked up new tights at several different stores – about a month ago. I am pretty sure these came from either Target or Marshalls. I love them!

  9. I hate when my clothes get wrinkled! But your outfit is still cute, and I spy a MMD belt! I think I've finally picked what I want to request one to go with….

  10. What a cute dress, wrinkles and all. And I think reading glasses are a fantastic accessory.
    I remember the old tv commercials that came out when the seat belts became more available in cars. Possibly back in the late 60's or so. Anyway, in one of the ads a women has a yellow dress on and she says, "I hate wearing a seat belt, it wrinkles my dress when I go shopping."
    I have a memory for the weirdest things. πŸ˜‰

  11. Wow, Lynne, gorgeous photos! I do not know this "dork"ness of which you speak. How awesome to haveso many things from friends incorporated into your outfit – I find it really helps carry me through the day. I can totally relate to the outrageous workload too, but you just coming off The Dread Crud can't help – hope you're resting well this weekend! You do look totally amazing.

  12. I don't see any dork poses here – I see a gorgeous woman pose. That pin is awesome. I don't sweat the wrinkles (but probably I little hot perspiration would help steam those suckers out.

  13. Very cute outfit. Nice, complementary colors and an attractive design.

    It's extra-fun to peer at your pictures now because I know what you really look like in person!

  14. try as we may, there are simply some fabrics that just don't want to sit in an office chair and they let us know by wrinkling their noses at us. LOL You look great in this and I totally love the stockings/tights for texture!

  15. Lynne, you are so not a dork, and wrinkles are fine, they show you are real! Lovely frock and those tights are fabulous! Yay, let's here it for Real Women! xxxx

  16. Hi Lynne.

    I just wanted to let you know that your comments today, made my day. SERIOUSLY!! You are always so sweet and kind. Thank you so much, truly!!

    I am logging off now and saying goodnight since it is a few minutes after midnight here.

    <3 Ada.

  17. I know! If I don't take my pics right after I get dressed and before sitting down, I am wrinkled like a cute sharpei pup. You look great, love this dress and obi, and jewels. At the etsy site I saw the most irresistible bunnies, thanks! And thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

  18. I'm visiting from Visible Monday (will now be following you via Bloglovin' ) and I have to say how impressed I am with your belt/tie. Such a great idea. I love the whole look really, and the bit about real women having reading glasses : ) .

    The textured tights are a nice touch as well as the brooch. Really it's all about the details which really make the outfit.

    Love it!


  19. Last month, I went out in a dress that should have been ironed and I just thought, "Let's pretend these wrinkles happened on the way to my event and not because I was lazy."

  20. I have such a problem with wrinkles, the ones on my face – AARRGGHHHH (thinking botox at this point) and my clothes – I would carry a mini steamor with me if I weren't considered completely insane – I hate 'em. lol

    Absolutley lovin this outfit and the brooch is just too divine for works.

    Hope your Autumn is super special.


    • We're in the middle of NC, so we aren't expected to get the snow like the mountains, or the hurricanes like the coast. But my oldest daughter, The Costume Technician, and several of my fave bloggers live in NYC, so I'll be praying hard for them (and worrying), as well as anyone caught by the storm's expected devastation.

  21. Lynne, you are so funny! I love that alternate name you've been thinking of and your fallish setting with the leaves looks like a magazine, my compliments to your photographer (which is suspect is you).

  22. I hate it when I realize my clothes in my photos are covered in wrinkles. Sometimes I feel like I don't truly notice how bad they are until after I've photographed them and posted them on the internet.
    Which means now every possible person in the world knows I leave the house a wrinkled mess.

    so i will totally pretend those wrinkles aren't there.

    Chic on the Cheap

  23. I have wrinkles too!
    I still don't have the intern as well!
    That is life i guess!
    This outfit looks great on you- bit sassy, suits you, very pretty – your style

    Reading glasses make the outfit!

    Ariane xxx

  24. Wrinkles are totally stylish! I've actually been wondering if I'm like the last person in the world who wears slips, so I'm glad to find out I'm not.

    This whole outfit is so, so, gorgeous. Megan is so lovely, and has the thrifting mojo, and you've styled her find up so well.

  25. Lynne, you sweetie pie!! Wrinkles or no, you look gorgeous! And I was just about to GASP over that pin on you when I saw my name. *blush blush* And just to let you know, there will be a special package coming your way!!!


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