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Paralegal Career Dressing: Separate Your Suits

Paralegal Career Dressing: Separate Your Suits

On Saturday, the temperatures here in North Carolina plummeted to the 60s (I know my northern friends want me to stop whining right now), sending me scurrying for my winter clothes.

Jones New York – $128

I noticed two big holes in my winter career wardrobe after putting away my summer clothes. I realized that I don’t own a single plain black dress for work, and I thought I only had one pair of slacks suitable for cooler weather.

I fixed the lack of a black dress by picking up a Jones New York dress with a retro A-line skirt (with pockets!) from Marshalls, oddly the only black sheath dress they had in that particular store. It looks a lot like this year’s JNY V-neck dress (see photo), only with a slightly rounded neck line and much less expensive.

Then, remembering a Corporette fashion blog post I’d seen recently about not separating your suits, I decided to investigate the possibility anyway. I pulled all of them out of my closet and threw them on the bed. Because my weight fluctuates, several were too big and I put them aside. I realized I actually have four or five pairs of terrific dress slacks, and that several of the suit jackets would look great with other separates in my closet.

I put everything back in the closet separately, and because I don’t attend court or court-related activities every day, am looking forward to getting a little more mileage out of my suits this year by using some of them as separates.

Readers, do you only wear your suit pieces together, or do any of them work as separates?

4 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Separate Your Suits

  1. I have to purchase mine as separate pieces due to being different sizes in tops and bottoms and so I have always thought of them (and worn them as) separates. It never occurred to me that I was breaking some sort of fashion rule by not only wearing them together. I guess I am happily out of fashion!

  2. I ~ I love it when suit pieces can be purchased separately, because I, too, am not the same size top and bottom!

    I understand that some suits look too "suity" 😛 and can't be mixed and matched, but some of the simpler and classic suits make excellent separates. The slacks especially look great with cardigans and sweaters instead of jackets. Some of the jackets can really dress up a pair of nice trouser jeans or a neutral skirt.

  3. Misty, I even consider whether a suit jacket will look great by itself before I make the investment. With a paralegal's limited budget, the clothes allowance has to go a long way! 🙂

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