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Paralegal Career Dressing: “Sewing” with Fasheners

Paralegal Career Dressing: “Sewing” with Fasheners

I own three Fasheners,, two pin and one magnetic, and I managed to use them all today, although not intentionally. It started when I noticed my skirt was too big and too long. So I folded the waistband over twice, and then had the brainstorm to pin the fold with Fasheners.Yep, it held all day.

Then I used my magnetic Fashener to keep my scarf casually looped – without tying it. The magnetic Fashener is incredibly strong, doesn’t damage delicate fabrics, and is great for scarf-styling. I have to admit my scarf-styling got better when I got to work and adjusted it a bit.

Yup, I should have ironed it and added a slip. I learn a lot from these pics. Anthropologie t-shirt (clearance – one of only two A. items I own); Liz Claiborne skirt (thrifted); Scarf (Walmart – $5); Etienne Aigner pumps (Ross); Anne Klein black patterned tights
Ruby slippers. I plan to wear them every day until I get my galoshes.
Scarf looks better but I still got the crazy eyes and reading glasses.

What’s your favorite emergency clothing fix? Staples? Tape? Safety Pins? Sewing kit in desk (go, you!)? Um, gum?

4 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: “Sewing” with Fasheners

  1. I have a travel sewing kit in my desk that I have used to sew on a button in the past. However, I have a pair of slacks with a falling hem that I have been sticking Scotch tape on for months now. I don't want to take the time at work to sew the hem, and I never seem to think about it at home. The tape usually holds up through two or three trips through the washer and dryer before coming loose again at work. It has sort of become a contest now I think, to see how long the tape will last each time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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