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Paralegal Career Dressing: Shop Clearance Racks with Discernment

Paralegal Career Dressing: Shop Clearance Racks with Discernment

Okay, maybe I didn’t with this piece. I knew it kind of looked like a mother-of-the-bride jacket (or maybe a grandma jacket), and it’s a weird piece, and still, I loved it. Love it. And for $6 I can afford to love it.

But what to do with it? I didn’t know. Maybe I still don’t know. Wear it to a party? But I don’t go to many parties – except I’ve been to at least one every week for the last three weeks. Kind of like another dimension for me.

I thought I heard this jacket screaming for Target trouser jeans, and it was the last 75 degree day this year (I know, that’s almost stupid in mid-November, right? Please don’t hate me because we haven’t seen any snow yet.)

Bet these pics would be better if I’d stop taking them in the morning. Adiva jacket (Steinmart clearance – the BIG one, 75% off lowest price sign not including 20% coupon); Merona trouser jeans (Target); Lapis tank (Ross Dress for Less); Colin Stuart heels (thrifted); Walmart earrings ($5 3-pack)
Mornings look better in sepia.
Two of the Walmart 3-pack. And I also scored dog food on the same trip ;P

Have you ever bought anything really weird to wear even when you knew it might be hard to style – just because you fell in love with it?

3 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Shop Clearance Racks with Discernment

  1. My latest thrift find was a black jacket with mauve cabbage roses that I bought to celebrate my new job. My fashionista teen begrudgingly gave her approval to spare my feelings. I love it even though someone might accuse me of swiping material from grandma's couch.

  2. It sounds lovely, but remember, I'm the one with a dress made out of sofa material 🙂

    You know Practical Paralegalism welcomes guest posts, including career dressing? I'd love some cabbage rose pics 🙂

  3. I do that all the time! That's what can really push your style envelope, though.

    I love that jacket and I think you styled it just right for work.

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