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Paralegal Career Dressing: Short and Sweet

Paralegal Career Dressing: Short and Sweet

That’s me. Well, at least the short part.

It’s that time of year again, when The Absent-Minded Professor and The Teen head back to school, and I have to get my own outfit pics of my super cheap inexpensive thrifty clothes on most days. As y’all can tell, I haven’t completely mastered my camera. In anticipation of some of those snarky commenters in camera forums, yes, I did try reading the manual. I also tried reading my car engine manual, and none of that stuck either.

I set my camera on my desk, and cut myself off. Yes, I think my legs really are that white…
Intriguing Threads skirt ~ thrifted last year
Tarhari tee ~ old, probably Marshalls
Maripe pumps ~ thrifted 
The Limited Obi belt ~ in the $1 range this spring when I was handed a $10 cash coupon

But the Internet is a wonderful place, and I did find some more straightforward tips for grabbing those tough low light and indoor shots that are all a working mom with a seven-minute lunch hour has time for, including using a self-timer (buy a wireless remote, will order this week), opening the aperture wider, and increasing the ISO (which I can now decrease due to blinding y’all with my white legs). Yeah, I don’t know what that means, either.

ZOA cardigan too long neglected in my closet. It is gathered like a peplum in back.

It’s a crazy week, with tons of litigation deadlines, and many immigration calls regarding Deferred Action. Yesterday, The Teen had a sickle cell pain event that luckily resolved at home, but worried me sick. Oh, and band camp starts this week. More to worry about. And all those AP and honors classes – in science. You’d think it was my homework 😮

Bangle watch ~ old, Steinmart probably
Stretch ring ~ Tuesday Morning, I think
Black beads necklace ~ Jada’s Jewels, love my daily email

So I don’t want to worry about my clothes. I realized there is nothing wrong with all the basic, conservative gray and black items I have in my closet, and they probably do look better on me than many of the last year’s trends, because well, let’s face facts, I’m short, and lots of clothes and patterns swamp me. This might be the week of the Most Basic Separates Ever.

When your life gets a little crazy, what are your go-to clothes for every day living? (Or working?)

P.S. I’m linking up to Visible Monday at Not Yet Dead Style and Monday Mingle at Bon Bon Rose Girls this week.

17 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Short and Sweet

  1. Most Basic Separates Ever is a great theme for any week, IMHO, Lynne. I love your persistence in learning about photography, I am a lazy toadstool in that area. Sorry your daughter was sick – hope all is better now!

  2. Your life sounds busy like mine with kids and work and all that fun stuff 🙂 Stopping by from Monday Mingle. Love your skirt with the obi belt. Oh, and your dog picture pleading the fifth is hilarious! Heather

  3. "Hello, Parallel Universe, how may I help you?" Umm, yeah, those camera things you talked about? Sounds like what my brother, Mr. Professional Photographer, tried to tell me the other night. Of course, he's halfway across the country so it's not much better than trying to read the manual. But we soldier on.

    I wouldn't have noticed anything amiss with the photos (or your legs!!) because I think I love this outfit with you in it. What I see is one of my favorite things: black on top with a fabulous colorful or printed bottom. The skirt length is very fashion forward, in my opinion, which I love and the sexy (shhh…don't tell anyone!) red pumps are gorgeous. This is a fabulous spin on "Oh, who me?" drop dead gorgeous.

    I hope your daughter is feeling better. For me, there's nothing worse than my child(ren) suffering.

  4. I have been taking photos of myself for over 2 years straight and I still don't know how to use most of the features on my camera! I can't absorb what's in manuals either.

    I don't have a professional life anymore so my go-to clothes for everyday lately consists of shorts and lightweight tops. If it's not too roasting out, I will wear a maxi skirt. I am really ready for some cool fall weather!

    Your outfit is very flattering. I would have never guessed that you were not very tall. The pointed shoes lengthen your legs nicely. And I really love that belt…it's very chic!

  5. Nothing wrong with a little bit 'o black clothing if you balance it out with that incredible skirt. Those type of pieces exist so we can wear the super wacky stuff.

    When life gets crazy I reach for the stuff I know isn't going to twist, pinch, pull or otherwise make me uncomfortable.

  6. This skirt is smashing on you and the pointy toed pumps are the perfect addition. The entire ensemble plays well with your beautiful hair.

    I remain a camera neophyte and am impressed with all that you have learned. Another one of those areas that need improvement.

    I agree. Basics are good, especially when you have a sick child. Hope all is well soon.

  7. Hi Lynne, every element of this outfit is gorgeous, works so well together, and looks amazing on you! Nicely done. I hope your time of overload goes as smoothly as it can; sorry to hear abut The Teen's pain event, glad it resolved at home.

    For brutal days, I put on wide-legged dress pants or anything I feel good in that's also totally comfortable and washable – falling back on what I already know works well.

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate your approach to self-portraits, as photography is not my field either! I took my first outfit photos ever today during the 7-minute lunch portion of an 11-hour workday, and might be able to figure out posting by next week – finding a place to start, and a way to keep doing it are where it's at. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. LOVE that skirt- the colours are so vibrant and I'm with ya on the glow in the dark legs, ah well at least it's healthy right? I should get a tripod to take my own pics, it's tough when you rely on someone to take them (and I'm sure my man would appreciate a break!)

  9. You do make me smile, Lynne!
    I am a terrible photographer, have NO idea about how to make any adjustments or anything, but I did buy a cheap tripod which has helped, at least I can vary my locations now.
    But you know, as fabulous as some bloggers' photos are, the reason I come here, is for YOU and your personality and style, not your photography skills! If I want endless perfect fashion shots, I'll buy a magazine.
    Love your skirt and your belt. I didn't realise you were short, so you must get your proportions spot on.
    Dresses are my go-to every time.
    Hope your girl is OK. xxxx

  10. Girl you KNOW I hear ya. I think this is a great go-to look. The skirt is so pretty! I have tried to read the manual on my camera too but to no avail. I lol-Ed for real at your comparison to the car manual!

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