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Paralegal Career Dressing: Since I Can’t Take My Dog to Work

Paralegal Career Dressing: Since I Can’t Take My Dog to Work

I’ll Bring My Zebras Instead.

And their pasture.

I bet you weren’t expecting that.

I had an epiphany recently that I am highly susceptible to other style bloggers. Something they wear will get stuck in my head, like a Boy George song (good in my part o’ the world :), and I just pine for it. A while back Tara at Mix and Match Fashion wore a zebra print scarf, and all of a sudden I longed for anything that had a zebra print on it.

Key West stretch pants ~ thrifted and altered
mac & jac draped neck tank ~ several years old, Marshalls I think
Cardigan ~ no idea, it’s at least 10 years old
Softstyles sling backs ~ old, cannot recall
Multi-chain necklace ~ Loft sale

But zebra prints aren’t exactly abounding in my little corner of the world, until I stumbled upon these pants in a thrift store earlier this year. They didn’t look like this. They fit on top, but they were long, and kinda bell-bottomed. I have never bought anything remotely close to this print in my [adult] life, but I had to have them. They were seriously on sale. I guess not everybody wants to wear zebras on their rear ends.

This is me trying not to fall off this rock.

I also learned from my first epic floral fail foray into floral pants not to try and mix any patterns with these zebras. Keep everything else simple so peeps can take in all that fabulous zebra action. (BTW, those first floral pants have been turned into awesome skinny jeans, and we’re just waiting for a little cooler weather to show off our makeover.)

Several peeps asked if I knew I was wearing two watches. The answer is yes.

My boss called me into his office and told me if I would agree not to wear these pants to the law firm again, I can bring my dog to work.

Heh. In my overactive imagination he did. In reality he was on vacation, as were many of my co-workers, so the zebras had a very quiet debut, although several people stopped and stared while I was trying to take outfit pics. Probably because you don’t see too many zebras in this neck of th’ woods…

All rightee, readers, spill! What’s the most obnoxious article of clothing you own that you love to wear anyway?

10 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Since I Can’t Take My Dog to Work

  1. I don't know about obnoxious, but I love to wear leather (not suede, leather) pieces to work. My leather pants always create a stir when I wear them!

  2. Aaaa! So cool! I love them, and I love that you're doing printed pants at the office. The zebras are ADORABLE. I had a big zebra phase right as I was going through my "I need to be fashionable" phase. Then I realized animal prints weren't quite me. I cannot wait to see the remade floral pants.

    My most obnoxious clothing? The tee shirt I'm wearing today. It's a horrid tie-dye, but I love it. I doubt anyone else has the same emotional response to this orange monstrosity I did.

  3. Ahhh! Love zebras. I have an XL shopper bag with zebras all over it, love it. I have a very loud stripey draped cardi that is like marmite for people – love/hate are divided…

  4. I love your zebra pants! This is a great way to go with print – a solid top with a print lower down. Awesome zebras. Okay, I have too many obnoxious things that I adore to list here, suffice to say there are quite a few. The top contenders are usually made of polymorphoid fabric that has been ironed with a too-hot iron by someone in the past – would also be great as waterproof outdoor wear fabric.

  5. I LOVE them! That shape suits you so well, what a good revamp. I didn't think your floral trousers were a fail actually, but you will wear them more in skinny form.
    So you've got me wondering if this is a style of trousers I could wear, without looking like my legs are fat sausages bursting out of their skins? I might look for some wide leg cotton print trousers to take in and give them a whirl…
    Obviously my Valentino trousers were considered obnoxious by many, though they make me laugh. Clothes that make you laugh, that's what we need on a dull day! Xxxx

    • Curtise, you have a fantastic figure. I bet you could wear lots of styles of trousers. You could totally rock wide leg pants because you're tall (or at least you look tall in pics ๐Ÿ™‚ or vintage cigarette pants. I think it totally depends on the tailoring and the fit for any of us. I have difficulty with many kinds of pants, too.

    • Lydia, no doubt you can make it work. But you can always get a first pair in a more conservative print than zebras, like my purple/pink ones from Loft ๐Ÿ™‚ I slid down the slippery slope of printed pants fast…lol.

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