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Paralegal Career Dressing: Singin’ in th’ Rain. Not.

Paralegal Career Dressing: Singin’ in th’ Rain. Not.
Tell me again why it’s bad luck to open an umbrella inside?
I Can Has Cheezburger? described Sunday and Monday’s weather perfectly.

This will be a mostly pictorial post about lost pictures. The Absent Minded Professor and I have had terrible camera luck this weekend, starting when he accidentally replaced my 8GB SD card with one of his 16GB SD cards from his classes, after taking pics of our teen daughters and their friend dressed for Alt Prom last Friday night. It was definitely an absent-minded, auto-pilot thing, because he’s constantly exchanging students’ SD cards for their videotaped speech presentations.

This is an accidental picture the AMP took. He says there are no accidents in art.

The 8GB SD card then disappeared, along with the prom pictures, possibly because his fave jeans have holes in both front pockets. Ask me why I won’t let him hold my car keys.

We used our Nikon D3100 with his 16GB SD card to take all the pictures at the Costume Technician’s graduation on Sunday, but something seemed to be weird about the picture sequence and a few of the pictures looked really bizarre when I inserted the disk in the computer on Monday night. I thought it was because the Absent Minded Professor really likes to play with all of the camera settings. I only had time to work with and share a few of the graduation pictures.

Dressed for The Flood: T. Garment pleated maxi skirt (thrifted); Old
Loft cardi worn backwards; Impo shooties (Ross last year); Coral skinny
belt again (Target); Ann Taylor faux pearls (purchased over 20 years
ago); Frizzy hair (the weather)

My sweet hubby had also dropped by my office on Monday morning, and snapped a few outfit pictures for me, while running errands in the unrelenting downpour, and they were noticeably odd, too, which I tried to cover by playing with effects in Picasa. I thought part of the problem might have been the lack of light…anywhere on such a bleak day.

I’m short but determined to wear maxis. Because you can shave your legs less frequently.

We finally got some outside outfit pics this morning, and yes, I was wearing my Fluevogs in honor of International Fluevog Day. But when I looked at today’s pictures on the computer tonight, they were all unusable. It looks like the 16GB SD disk may have been corrupted. I am trying not to cry thinking about all the graduation pics on it.

I was on a no black clothes buying moratorium, but this skirt is the exception to the rule…right?

Right now, we’re not yet sure if the SD card got corrupted, but that seems the logical explanation after ruling out everything else. (A new SD card is working just fine.) The Absent Minded Professor is a technology genius and is working on the SD disk, but it’s not looking good to recover most of the pictures from the graduation ceremony.

It really was that dark, inside and outside of my office, on Monday.

When your life circles around technology and it breaks, you suddenly remember you had a life before technology. But you want the life captured on it.

Now I know why it’s bad luck to open umbrellas inside 🙁

Have you ever lost precious photos due to a technology glitch? Did you cry forever? (I need to know when I’m going to stop…)

8 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Singin’ in th’ Rain. Not.

  1. Yes, my first digital camera (A pink flimsy whatchacallit) decided to start corrupting memory cards. All of them. I lost most of my pictures from a major convention, lost many daily outfit photos. Finally I bought the really nice canon I have now and no more memory card issues. Of course, I only have one, so maybe I shouldn't jinx it.

  2. Aw boo! I hate when that happens! You look very ladylike in your pearls. I gave you a blog award today. 😉 Hope that helps your day a little bit!

  3. I'm going to say this very cautiously…I've not yet lost any photos due to a technology glitch although I've had batteries die at the most inopportune moments. It's a shame to lose so many meaningful photos. I have my fingers crossed that something can be done to salvage them. Why is there a skeleton in your office?

  4. Awww. I hope everything works out with the photos. I've lost some before and it sure does sting for a while, then other events come along, weddings, birthdays, etc…with opportunities for more pics and I forget about the lost ones. The memories are in my mind and heart.

  5. A new header! Nice.

    Yes, technology fails at times. Back in the old days, film had more chances to fail than digital and you didn't even know if pictures came out until a week later. My sympathies on the loss of your images. Hang on to the memories in your head (and maybe ask others who attended the events if they have any pictures including your family).

  6. yes, i have lost pics and i am still crying over it, especially since they were from a father-son trip and i never even got to see them!
    🙁 brett

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