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Paralegal Career Dressing: Stripes & The Whoopsies

Paralegal Career Dressing:  Stripes & The Whoopsies

Today I was mostly stoned. I know, this is exactly the stuff that professionals aren’t supposed to post on the Internet. But I have been having stomach issues (yes, under a doctor’s care), and today was one of my bad days. Well, bad days with good drugs. Too bad about the inability to stay awake. I got these pictures and a few hours of work in during a three-hour window of alertness.

Okay, this outfit picture (still participating in Super Stripes Week) is slanted, but to straighten it involved cutting off my feet, so I convinced myself it is kinda cool. This outfit is my equivalent of wearing pjs and slippers to work.

Eliza J jersey dress (Ross Dress for Less); Belt (Steinmart clearance); Saks Fifth Avenue flats (Saks Outlet); Freshwater pearls (gift from bestie); Brooch (inherited costume jewelry)

I am studying my camera thoroughly, and am planning to take a digital photography class this year. But I finally figured out that when using the self-timer, the camera doesn’t auto-focus again before the timer goes off (i.e. when you hit the button and run around in front of it), so I played with the settings, and I think, got a little better pictures, even inside.

Yes, I really am this pale, but I saturated this photo, hoping you could see the brooch I pinned on the pearls a little better.

Big fan o’ the brooch pinned to a necklace 🙂
This is a super, super long strand of freshwater pearls. I love them.

I have a not-so-secret-secret to share. For most of my life, I’ve hated being photographed. I’m extremely shy, and happy to blend into the background. For decades, I wasn’t that confident about myself, inside or outside. Expanding Practical Paralegalism to a budget career-dressing style blog has actually helped me feel a lot more comfortable with myself, and it has certainly improved my ability to have fun with fashion, even though I work in the legal field.

I’m almost 50 years old, and for the first time, I think I’m pretty, and I’m good with what I’ve got, scars, lumps, bumps, wrinkles, pimples, spider veins, fuzzy hair, and all. When I saw today’s terrific post “Dressing Like You LIKE Your Body” at the karina chronicles, it clarified what I’ve been learning. What’s most important is that you do like yourself, and your body, so dress it like you like it.

Do you dress like you like your body?

6 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Stripes & The Whoopsies

  1. That dress is really fantastic, and you look fabulous. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather though. Take it easy and feel better soon.

  2. The dress and belt look like they were made for each other, and are so flattering on you.

    Did you see Lisa at Privilege's post on being attractive/pretty?

    Hope you feel up to snuff quickly!

  3. Well, I do like my body, but I'm still somewhat self-conscious about my aging face. Blogging though has helped immensely with my self-consciousness. I agree with Megan that this is a great dress.

  4. @Louise ~ Thank you! I'll check out that post. I think it's so hard for many American women to feel like they are pretty, with the impossible airbrushed imagery we're bombarded with every day.

  5. @Terri ~ I love your face. You are a very beautiful woman with terrific bone structure. You remind me today the most amazing woman in her late 70s or early 80s came into our office, and all I saw was Katherine Hepburn. She had this edgy style you never see around here, with her hair in a French twist, and a fedora with a brooch on it. I probably stared at her too long.

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