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Paralegal Career Dressing: This or That Bold Print/Neon

Paralegal Career Dressing: This or That Bold Print/Neon

Or as close to neon as I own, or dare to wear. Do you know what neon green or yellow do to this middle-aged style blogger’s kind of pasty olive complexion? Think walking zombie, and not one of the better-looking ones. (I’m still participating in Megan and Keely’s “Fashion Challenge: This or That Trends”.)

Also no new clothes were killed to produce this post. I’m trying to dig deep in my closet and wear the old stuff I already own (or donate it), and also the old stuff I took home from my blogger meet up with Megan Mae Daily, like the red belt and nude pumps.

This will be a largely pictorial post, as for some reason, my body is telling me that 7:30 p.m. would make a nice Tuesday night bedtime. Very nice.

P.S. I got the idea to wear my belt and cardigan like this from Sunday Target circulars. True story.

Jones New York dress (Ross Dress for Less, several years old); Cardi (Rue 21); Connie pumps (Good Samaritan Mission $2); Belt (Goodwill $1); assorted jewelry and earrings from the depths of my ridiculous pile o’ costume jewelry

I look like a radioactive Strawberry Shortcake, no? 🙂

 For $2 pumps they have a cool boxy heel, and are ridiculously comfortable.
Meet my petite supervising attorney, Helen Parsonage,
who scored this terrific black and white striped H&M dress from my
blogger swap with Megan. Helen, a former paralegal for eight years, is
now a brilliant immigration and criminal attorney, and is the tiniest
adult human (I knew I’d need to clarify that) friend I have. She also
has a killer shoe collection. For a really cool write-up about Helen’s work, see this terrific article Nicole Black wrote about her for The Xemplar, “Fighting for the Underdog”. Helen is one of many attorneys I know who make a positive difference in their clients’ lives every day.

When I spotted my co-worker and fellow paralegal, Shannon Whitt, wearing this beautiful draped blouse in black and white, I photo-jacked her to stand beside Helen. Trust me, my co-workers know what a brandished Nikon means.

Bonus kitteh pic o’ the day:
“I am SO cute that I can get away with sleeping on your head. Every. Night.” ~ Sasha Jane DeVenny-Craig

Got any neon in your work wardrobe?

9 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: This or That Bold Print/Neon

  1. I love the vibrant red! It's a great colour on you!

    I don't have any neon in my wardrobe, so tomorrow's challenge might be tricky for me.

    Aw, kitty!

  2. Aww yay! Glad to see you're items are already getting mixed in to your wardrobe. The new belt and pumps are perfect with the printed dress and bright cardi.

    Also omg yes! Tell your boss I say thank you! for posing in her new dress. It was too small on me, and it looks amazing on her. Looks like you're working in a well-dressed office!

    Also omgomgomg Miss Sasha Jane! So cuuute. Boy kitties say they can get away with A LOT. All the big cats though have learned what the squirt bottle means. Annabelle is learning when we just pick it up then it's time to stop misbehaving. Lawl. Good girl though. She's smart.

  3. Ooooh, Miss Sasha is killing me with teh cuteness. She is the spitting image of my grey kitty, Angel. It's like seeing her baby pictures again!

    Your dress is faboo, love that bold pattern in red!

  4. Sweet–you're getting the entire office into the picture! Does Megan know you've already passed along a dress? Love the new nude pumps.

  5. I love your word photo-jack! And a picture of a kitten can never be wrong. I've seen cardigans worn like that sometimes on makeover shows but never for real. It really add some nuke boost to your shortcake.

  6. These are GREAT colors on you! Seriously! I love it! I did laugh a bit when you said it was like radioactive Strawberry Shortcake – it does have that vibe a bit but in a good way!

    I just want to smish Sasha Jane. Love her!

  7. I love that color on you. I actually own several neon green pieces, that are supposedly painful to look at!

    BTW I am in love with the Kitteh!

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