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Paralegal Career Dressing: This or That Floral/Flat

Paralegal Career Dressing: This or That Floral/Flat

By now you’ve figured out I do not know what day of the week it is, and have been participating in Megan and Keely’s This or That Fashion Challenge on the wrong day. So I made up for it today by wearing yesterday’s flats and today’s floral.

Oh, you know how many style bloggers have a signature pose? I figured out this one is mine, kinda dorky and wondering what day it is, and why everyone doesn’t wear sparkly shoes. (P.S. Somebody really should clean up that storage closet :P)

Vivienne Tam dress (with Steinmart 40% off Red Dot clearance, I couldn’t have done much better at GoodWill); Loft Berkeley Ballet Flats (50% off sale price, come to Mama babies); Mad Men faux pearls
(Banana Republic); antique bracelet and ring

Realizing that my signature pose leaves something to be desired, I decided to try one of Robin’s (Frannie Pantz).

I know, I didn’t get it quite right. I think the front leg is supposed to go in back. Or something.

Then I decided if you’re going to dress floral, you should BE floral, you know, BE a flower.

Which is why I am a plain ol’ paralegal, and not a famous actress. Perhaps I could have not smiled, but if I don’t smile, I look like Mr. Ed.

But I do have very sparkly, comfy flats that I can run in, which is a great consolation prize. I also have this antique glass ring that’s been hanging around the women in our family for 80 or 90 years, and this hard-to-describe bracelet I found in a flea market when I was in college. A. Really. Long. Time. Ago.

I also got a package today. I rarely get packages so I tend to leave them unopened for days, savoring the suspense, like Christmas, only not. I knew this one was from Megan, and I was expecting an obi belt she was making me from some ties we fought over GoodWill’d together. But this package clunked.


OMG, she sent me something from AllSaints!

“That’s just what the box says, Dummy.” ~ Sasha Jane DeVenny-Craig

It turned out to be SHOES! Megan’s Eject shoes as seen here, and tried on by me when I visited her, because they were a little big for her. I admired them greatly, but admit I forgot about them altogether in the excitement of bringing Sasha Jane home.I also forgot to buy a refrigerator magnet souvenir from Tennessee, and she sent me an awesome one, as well as this beautiful obi belt (we hunted all over for ties with teal in them). And a matching button flower for the obi! You know I’m on this.

Her note starts out, “You ‘left’ a few things in Tennessee.” I know, I left MEGAN there, and I want her back BAD! REAL BAD! I got kind of teary-eyed, but then immediately dried up thinking what kind of ribbon am I going to accessorize them with? Or am I even going to use ribbon with a dragon heel? Imagine me pawing through all my broken chains and necklaces tonight trying to come up with something worthy of these shoes.

Megan, you didn’t have to give me your dragon heel shoes (but I will cherish them always). You gave me something so much better: your friendship. And, of course, your cat. You inspire me every day with your blog, but meeting the real you (and being ruint for cheap shoes forever) was the best gift ever.

What’s the coolest surprise present you ever received?

10 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: This or That Floral/Flat

  1. I love this dress; it fits you beautifully in all your awesome poses and looks great with the sparkle of your flats and jewelry.

    And I'm so happy for you and Megan that you two met and became friends. That's just fabulous!

  2. I like the floral print. I tend to look down in my outfit pictures, but that is because I take them in the morning, when I am hurried and tired.

  3. I have my two poses down pat. I should do a little tutorial sometime on them – reveal the secrets, ha ha!

    What a lovely gift! I love the obi with the teal in it. It'll look great with your Fluevogs!

    That floral dress is gorgeous – and so are you!

  4. Fabulous floral dress – and omg I want to steal those flats! Even worse because I probably could. Ah well, you'll just have to wear 'em extra for me.

    I'm so glad you're excited about the shoes. I kept pulling out my shoe box and seeing them tucked into the back. I adored the 'dragon' heels when I bought them but after wearing they've stretched – apparently to fit you. You'll just have to wear them lots and photograph them so I can enjoy them vicariously, instead of petting them once in a blue moon and wishing they fit better.

    And besides, I still have my purple dragon BOOTS, which do actually fit me. The shoes were a by-product of my boot-want and eventually managed to snag the boots on super sale.

    We'll just have to be dragon-heeled, Vog-loving, Smoky Joe sister-wife Cumberbitches.

    Also I dug through a ton of bias tape looking for something to pull that teal color out. I knew you wanted that shape and color combo, and I figured it would add that boost we were both hunting for.

  5. OMG I almost cried reading this! You and Megan are the cutest! Bless it all I need to make my way out east (I've never been east of Nebraska . . . yikes). I thought your poses are super cute and thanks for the tag! I totally notice that I do the same damn moves all the time and it urkes me but you know, if it ain't broke. Plus I'm lazy and uncreative at times. LOL Thanks for the shout out Lynne! I love your pretty floral top and AWESOME sparkly shoes. And, most of all, I love to hear about you and Megan's new found friendship. I have no girlfriends (well, I have gay male friends, so gurlfriends, but not female friends) and it makes me so happy to hear about you and Megan. Sniff sniff. I can't wait to live vicariously through the two of you the next time you get together!

  6. Your friendship with Megan makes me smile! What a wonderful care package. And I LOVE your "dorky" pose. I figured out the other day that one reason women pose with turned-in toes is that it provides greater stability when wearing heels. I think it has something to do with architectural foundations and engineering.

  7. Reading about your growing friendship with The Lovely Miss Megan warms my heart. And I love the pose experiments. I'm still searching for my signature pose.

  8. LOL, I don't know if I have a signature pose. I just try to not look like a giant nerd for the most part.

    I love the shoes! They are awesome! And so is your floral dress.

    I also love the picture of Sasha looking at the box, like she knew it was coming from Megan! Can't wait to see how you style her shoes and your new belt!

  9. Such a cute little shift! I love your sparkly flats. And isn't Megan the best?! I have yet to meet her in person, but we've done some amazing snail-mail swaps.:)

  10. Love the creative posing. I've been mixed up on my days in this challenge too–a problem when the challenge is 5 days and I only post 3 times a week. You hit the jackpot with this package!

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