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Paralegal Career Dressing: This or That Pastel

Paralegal Career Dressing: This or That Pastel

The only reason I’m putting up a post this late on a Friday is to complete Megan and Keely’s Fashion Challenge: This or That Trends during the same week. ‘Cause I like to finish what I start, and I’m a lot ever so slightly OCD.

I spent most of the day at the North Carolina Bar Association Paralegal Division Career Fair, meeting many terrific paralegals, students, and legal professionals. Once I started grabbing people for career style pics, my fellow Paralegal Division Council member, Joy Belk, started acting as my hawker, repeatedly grabbing one of the many fabulously turned-out people in the crowd, and styling them for a quick picture. (By styling, I mean, removing those annoying name tags :P)

I thought a suit might be a good idea for a job fair when I woke up this morning, but people, I just couldn’t do it. You know I usually wear some version of a Business Nightgown on Fridays. I compromised with a pin-striped sheath dress. I know you’re thinking, “Black?” for a pastel post, but I really think I worked the theme; I really do. Do I get points for wearing a tie? How ’bout two ties?

Rafaella Studio Sheath with built-in shaper slip (now the dress is too big for me so the shaper slip kinda fluffs it out more than I care for) ~ Steinmart sale last year
Coffee Breva Pumps ~ John Fluevog clearance
Fever shrug ~ Ross years ago for cheap but I’ve worn it tons
MMD obi belt & matching button flower ~ Megan Mae Daily
Scarab bracelets ~ collected since I was a college student

Honestly, I do not know where that ridiculous pose came from, only that it was pre-Iced Vanilla Latte, and I promise not to do it again. I’m wearing my belt a little higher than usual, because the dress has an empire waistline.

Scarab bracelets, most antique. My mommy gave me the smallest one when I earned my bachelor’s degree.

I’m pretty sure I told eight million people where they can get a MMD obi belt. In fact, I even tweeted the link to be extra helpful.

This is a blooper picture. Enough said. I look like I just said, “What the hell?” I probably did.

Two funniest comments made directly to me: “You’re wearing those BLUE shoes again!” [more than once] Yep. I’m officially The Paralegal with Those Blue Shoes.

And, “OMG, I KNOW your voice from somewhere, where do I know you from? OMG, I listen to you all the time!” Yep, that would be the Paralegal Voice podcast at Legal Talk Network. (For my non-legal readers, we did a podcast featuring Erin Brockovich, the real one I accidentally met in person last year. Everybody will like that one.) I really do need to get LTN an updated picture like they’ve asked for repeatedly.

Oh, I was so stressed out by this entire week, that I hit the Tanger Outlet on the way home, and bought a new pair of sandals from Rack Room and several 50% off items at the Loft Outlet. Bad paralegal.

Have a great weekend, peeps. I will share all the great style pics from the career fair next week. Tired now, need pie.

7 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: This or That Pastel

  1. Awesome way for fashion-ing up business style and doing the challenge in the process. I'd say you got a little neon and a little pastel into this look.

    Thanks so much for sharing the obi with so many. I'm always thrilled to make them.

    Love your braclets, what a cool collection. Also your hair looks AMAZING. Making me wish I hadn't just trimmed all mine up.

    Can't wait to see your new goodies! I think we all need a Bloggers-Shopping-Anonymous.

  2. I'm tired now too – I need pie AND an iced vanilla latte. But I'll settle for nuts and decaf, it's too late for much. Your tie belts are a wonder – Megan Mae is talented! And I've never seen a dress with a built-in shaper – that's an awesome idea! Great look!

  3. I love this look, the pop of color against the black is perfection! And the fact that it's a MMD obi belt is even better!

    Also loving your arm party and your awesome shoes!

  4. I need to listen to the Erin Brokovich podcast! I'd say that the shoes alone meet the pastels challenge. But it is all the scarabs I love!

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