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Paralegal Career Dressing: This Outfit Was Good for a Whole Two Hours

Paralegal Career Dressing: This Outfit Was Good for a Whole Two Hours

Ever have one of those days that starts out fine, and suddenly goes south when you get sick? That was today for me. I was so miserably freezing cold all day yesterday in the office, and woke up this morning still freezing. I was so cold my stomach hurt. (Perhaps I should have paid more attention to that sign.)

I remembered wandering around a Loft Outlet store a while back, and seeing layered cardis on the mannequins. That seems like a super warm idea. I didn’t have time to work out the cardi-layering, but I did manage to pile on a camisole, a cardigan, and a blazer. I even added winter slacks.

Still freezing. Still got sick. Ugh. The Teen is sick, too, and I’m worried her sickle cell disease will flare up. We’re a merry crew 😛

But I came out swingin’ for a few hours…

Phoebe jacket (thrifted); Evie cardi (thrifted); NY&Co cami (old); Loft trousers (clearance last year); Impo shooties (Ross Dress for Less last year); Skinny belt (can’t recall); Pendant (old)
Those big coral buttons make me happy.

Cancer took another wonderful person from our lives today. She was a truly graceful, inspiring woman who embraced the spirit of love and life to the very end. My husband, a cancer survivor, likes to say, “Ain’t none of us got no lifetime guarantees.” It’s a reminder to live in the present, and let those you love know every day how much they mean to you.

8 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: This Outfit Was Good for a Whole Two Hours

  1. thank you for the heartfelt sharing. I always admire how people survive difficult battles with cancer. It takes a strong character and determination to fight this disease and yes we have to live the present to the fullest! Thanks for the reminder. You look fabulous, I like the colorful striped jacket it makes a work outfit looks so much more fun and interesting.


  2. So sorry to hear you and the teen are sick. that is absolutely no fun.
    I am also sorry to hear about your loss.
    BUT, that blazer is amazing
    Hope you are feeling better soon
    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. @Frannie, @Terri, @Louise, @mongs, @Sheila, @Megan Mae, @Brett ~ I really appreciate you guys stopping by, and your thoughtful comments. It was a rough day yesterday. It's nice to have an outlet in the blogosphere, and to meet so many nice peeps, even if just virtually.

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