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Paralegal Career Dressing: Thrifty Orange “Suede Feel”

Paralegal Career Dressing: Thrifty Orange “Suede Feel”

I cannot lie. I cannot pass a thrift store. So when we passed a thrift store while walking in downtown Charleston, I immediately drug my poor mother inside.

But it took me about 90 seconds to figure out that this thrift store was for people far higher up the first world food chain than me. The formerly worn clothes were very, very beautiful, and still very, very expensive. I was going to slink out quietly in my Target galoshes (gray, windy, cold Friday), when the fabulously dressed owner saw me, and said, “I love your coat!”

I looked around first to verify she was talking to me. I was wearing my black Betsy Johnson trench coat with the ruffle (very clearance at Ross Dress for Less), and my $2.99 Rugged Wearhouse scarf on the outside in an attempt to look warm and well, vacation-y. But I’m pretty sure she was employing a very effective sales technique, i.e. compliment the potential customer’s outfit while trying not to giggle out loud.

Freezing in Charleston, but look, my boots have birds on them! 😛

Okay, it worked.

I cautiously circled around the jacket rack, and then spotted an orange sleeve that turned out to be attached to a Talbot’s “suede feel orange” blazer (per the tag). First, I was, “Eeeeeeh, not paying $43.” Then I saw the bright red 50% off marker.

And then I tried it on, and that was that. You may not see it for a while, because it’s gotten cool again here, but it’s waiting to brighten up the office very, very soon.

Talbot’s suede-ish jacket (thrifted); new bag (Charleston City Market)

As big a fool as I am for spring’s bright orange, coral, and tangerine colors, I still didn’t purchase that very reasonably priced bag until I made sure it had a separate compartment big enough for my iPad.

Have you purchased any new (or new to you) office wear for spring in this season’s popular bright colors?

4 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Thrifty Orange “Suede Feel”

  1. Very funny post. Love your use of "drug".

    And it's fun to shop in places different from our normal haunts. The orange color is attractive. I love the bag.

  2. I can't wait to see you in the new jacket. I wonder if it was a consignment rather than a thrift shop. Did you mother find anything?

  3. @Shybiker ~ My mom is wonderfully patient, but she hates shopping for clothes.

    @Sacremento ~ I can't wait to break out the orange, but it got so cold this week, I had to wait – impatiently!

    @Terri ~ You're right, it was a consignment shop full of designer clothes. I saw a Dolce & Gabbana bag for $140! My mom is 72 and says she doesn't like looking at herself in the mirror anymore. I think she's so pretty, and just needs a little more color next to her face – but she doesn't shop. But she said she'd let me take her shopping sometime soon.

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