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Paralegal Career Dressing: Today’s Deal Is Red Hot at jcp

Paralegal Career Dressing: Today’s Deal Is Red Hot at jcp

My friend Terri over at RAGS against the MACHINE is reviewing retail stores for her Window Shopping Project, and recently favorably reviewed the new JCPenney, now branded as just jcp. I recently had an opportunity to run into our local store for a minute, and have to agree with Terri. I like the new low price structure, and many of the style offerings. My biggest complaint? Hardly anything in small sizes. I guess the smarter small peeps got there first.

But I did score a terrific red Worthington Pencil Skirt, $22 online, but for some reason $20 only in the store. It’ll look hot with my $6 thrifted red heels.

Worthington Seamed Pencil Skirt ~ $22 (also available in teal) @jcp

Have you checked out the new jcp? What do you think?

3 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Today’s Deal Is Red Hot at jcp

  1. I actually did check it out (online) when someone said people complained about the new pricing style. I'm in favor of the new pricing. I never understood wtf was up with the .99 thing anyway. I don't know how that will reflect in terms of quality or whatever but I never shopped at JCP anyway. I don't live near any department store except Belk which is nearly always outside my price range for clothes.

    However JCP does have a lot of cute things (in fact I'm kind of obsessed with this orange dress now)

  2. @Megan Mae ~ I saw that dress – it looks great in person, too. I wanted to try on some dresses, but jcp did not have my size or anywhere close in the store. That was the main disappointment when I found things I liked. But the quality of the clothes seemed really good, better than Target anyway 🙂

  3. oh, you won't regret the red skirt. I know when I first got mine I thought it was so very daring…but after a few months of wearing, I came to think of it as a neutral!

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