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Paralegal Career Dressing: Total Outfit Cost = $16

Paralegal Career Dressing: Total Outfit Cost = $16

Bling Excluded 🙂

You know yesterday I discussed the voices in my head blogger style influences I took shopping with me this weekend, and when I put on this totally new to me outfit, I realized I’d forgotten to include Psyche of Economy of Style (I’ve been longing for a button front shirt since she’s been refreshing older dresses with them for the last few weeks), and Terri of Rags against the Machine (she has this long reversible silk wrap skirt that converts into all kinds of dresses. She says mine do too, but I can’t figure it out.)

I’m not sure if I found the same video as Terri, but I did find this one showing 100 ways to wear reversible silk skirts that look like the two I already own.

Look for a cursing style event soon as I struggle to make one skirt comply with a least two of these looks 😛

MegaThrift in Winston-Salem was having a 50% off its pink tag marked better women’s clothes, so I scored this green pastel button front shirt for $3, and this brand new reversible skirt with the tags still in it for $3. I like these long skirts because they are a take on this season’s maxi length trend, but are a little dressier for the office.

New York & Co shirt (thrifted)
Synergy silk reversible skirt (thrifted, but still had sales tags attached)
XoXo black wedge pumps (thrifted)
Vera Wang multi-chain rhinestone necklace (Kohl’s uber-clearance reject rack for a couple of dollars)

But it was the XoXo black wedges that really caught my eye. (If you follow me on Twitter, @ExpertParalegal, I tweeted a better side view of these cool wedges today and Saturday from the thrift store). I risked accusations of shop-lifting as I wore them all over the store while shopping to make sure they were comfy. Gawd, they are comfy, and well worth a freakin’ $7.99. I brought them home, wiped them down with disinfectant (yep, that’s me, OCD Girl), and used a black Sharpie to touch up the very slight signs of wear and tear on the toe.

That’s how I roll, peeps, thrifted shoes right alongside the most expensive shoes I ever bought, my John Fluevog Coffee Breva ice blue pumps on clearance. After the initial breaking-in horror story, they are without a doubt the most comfy and most commented on shoes evah.

The Teen took these pics with my Nikon D3100, standard kit lens. I’m saving for the better lens (Nikon

AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D Lens) for portrait photography (am totally open to recommendations from great photographers for a more affordable lens option), but this picture is proof that you can take a darned good headshot for your LinkedIn profile at home.

Anyone else own one of these super-cool reversible skirts and know how to do more than one thing with it? Call me!

12 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Total Outfit Cost = $16

  1. I love your bargains! I used to have one of those skirts, but I never wore it more than one way and I eventually gave it away.

    The Fluevogs are worth it! You'll get your cost per wear down in no time.

  2. You should have included the tweeted photo because OMG those are incredible. I saw your first pic of them, but the second on is even better. That ankle strap really makes them different. Love it, totally jealous of your score.

    I've never bought one of those skirts because I know I'd wrap it one way and not any of the others. I'm not even very big on wrap dresses most of the time (although I need to wear that faux-one you gave me when you were here).

  3. I like this outfit! I haven't seen a skirt like that before, it's neat! And I love your necklace in a I would totally steal it if I could kind of way!

  4. Oh my gosh Lynne. This skirt is super pretty and your photos today are even more so! You are a beautiful woman! I am so glad that you got the wedges too. Favorite ever!

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