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Paralegal Career Dressing: Variations on Blue

Paralegal Career Dressing: Variations on Blue

First, let’s not talk ’bout me for a second. If you don’t already follow Lilli over at Frocks & FrouFrou, I hope you’ll check her out, because she’s beautiful, has great taste, and sews like a dream. And then I hope you’ll follow the link in her most recent post, and vote for her, #190 in the Curvy Blog Award, so that she and her sister, Mae, who is fighting cancer, can win a trip to London.

Second, I called Vogue today to ask about subscribing to their rumored subsidiary magazine, VOGOFF, and they had the nerve to pretend they’d never heard of it, and when I pressed, asked me not to call back. I immediately complained to Miz Bagg, who tried to sell me a vacuum cleaner only used once for actual floor-cleaning, and when I said I don’t use my own vacuum cleaner, asked me not to call back.

So, the rest of the week here has been very dull in a manic sort of way. Plenty of people did want to talk to me on the telephone, and if I’d had a camera with me at work, I would have finally gotten that picture of me hiding under my desk, wondering if a valid time entry could state, “undoing the less than stellar stuff people do.”

Today’s outfit:

The Deets: Peruvian Connection dress (thrifted); Mine jacket (Marshall’s juniors clearance); Born burgundy Mary Janes (Amazon); angel brooch (thrifted); pretty much every bangle I own; cool fishnet hose in nude
Yesterday’s outfit, yes, I know, yawn, a suit, but many peeps with office jobs, especially in the legal field, have to dress conservatively every day.

The Deets: Anne Klein suit (old, seriously needs belt loops); Calvin Klein scarf (Marshalls); Easy Spirit booties
Weekend plans include firing up the hair, finding clothes that fit and fulfill Megan and Keely’s Fall Fashion Challenge, gaining 20 pounds, and enjoying family. Hope you guys have great weekends, and thanks for all of your wonderful comments this week. You WILL see those floral tights again πŸ˜›

28 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Variations on Blue

  1. Thank you so much, Lynne!
    Love your perfectly-fitting suit, BTW, and the scarf! I've never mastered the art of the scarf, and I like in perpetual jealousy of those that have πŸ˜‰

  2. I voted for Lilli, and am rooting for Mae too! I'm so glad she's getting wonderful response, she is awesome. But what is with those people at Vogue? Almost as if they're afraid of the subsidiary superseding – in this case how could it not, being ENTIRELY superior. In every way possible.

    I love those Born shoes – yesterday's tights would look great with them! – and also how you've weighted your gold accessories. Lovely outfit. Your suit has a great collar, and the fabric looks nice to wear – I've had and enjoyed the odd Anne Klein piece. Really pretty scarf!

  3. Love the dress in the first pic, can we see a close up of the angel brooch sometime? And you look super-professional and smart in your suit, I'd be a bit intimidated if I didn't know you better… Yay for letting pets lick the dishes!
    You may not be able to gain 20 pounds this weekend, but I hope you achieve the rest and have a good time! I'm off to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, to sigh with relief that the birthday sleepover is done, and maybe have a little boogie! xxxx

  4. Looking POLISHED & BEAUTIFUL TIMES TWO. You always have such nice business shoes, too. I have noticed that.

    As much as I love how chic that first outfit is with all the stunning gold-tone jewelry, nothing beats a powerful black suit. You added just the right pops of color with that silky scarf. πŸ˜‰

  5. I went and voted for 'em! Love your navy jacket and those totally rockin' Born mary janes.

    Your suit looks incredible! The scarf is the perfect accessory for adding a conservative dash of style.

    • Sheila, you know I'm afraid to answer this question. I ate and ate and ate over this long weekend, and then about two hours ago, tried on most of my career clothes. Now a good many of my faves are hanging on the door for the consignment store, where I already have a big credit but they don't have many small sizes. I can fit in a Loft size 0, but no way am I putting size 0 in my closet, except for a thrifted jacket my mom gifted me. I'm 2s on the bottom (4 if runs small), and 4 in dresses(6 if it runs small) in dresses. Megan and I are similar sizes but flipped, she's curvy where I'm not, and I have broader shoulders. You are very sweet to think about me. I've learned a lot about style blogging from you, and am a little challenged dressing this more pared down silhouette.

  6. Looking great. Navy is a wonderful color on you, and I love the accessories. I LOVE fishnets but have trouble finding just the right colors other than black. I had some brown ones from Target that looked good, but they were totally flimsy. XXOO

  7. I love the blue colors in your first outfit and those shoes are too cute.
    Also like how the scarf jazzed up your black suit.
    I have a black blazer I never wear… I'm making a note to add a pretty scarf to give it a fresh look.

  8. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Miz Bagg's fired staff have again been spreading nasty, NASTY rumours about her predilections regarding housekeeping?

    You look lovely in your dress and suit, but I'm more interested in your weekend plans – firing up the hair, gaining 20 pounds, and enjoying family. That's my kinda weekend!

  9. Come over to the UK, we'll eat chip shop chips out of newspaper in the street, guzzle real ale, tuck into Bangladeshi curry & cheese nan bread after the pubs have closed and have Marmite on toast to get rid of the hangover in the morning, you'll put that weight back on in no time!
    Your power dressing looks classy and the killer brooch and vibrant scarf show you've got personality by the bucket load! x

  10. Lynne … I love the dress. Just awesome. How about I donate the 20 pounds I need to lose … wouldn't that be awesome.!

    Hope your weekend was fabulous

  11. Okay, the weekend's over, how'd your plans go?! 5 for 5? Actually, so far it looks like zero, Ms. Lynne. Don't lead us down the garden path now.

    Other than that, you look like you mean business in your dark suit with glamorous scarf. And fun in your floral dress with jacket, bangles & dangle pin and mary janes.

  12. I have been having a hard time commenting … not sure what the problem is … but I hope this is successful. Your hair styling in the previous post has inspired me to curl mine a little again … and I love this outfit … the dress is just fabulous.

    With your previous dress, I think having it a little shorter may resolve it.

    You have the happiest face and I can't help smiling when I see your photos.

    Hope you're having a fabulous week.

  13. Ah yes, suits! I used to have to wear one about every day of the week. I now have a few sitting in my closet collecting dust on the shoulders (I should really put bags over them).

    You look beautiful like usual, and love that dress. πŸ™‚

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