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Paralegal Career Dressing: The Vog Addiction, or The Devil Made Me Do It

Paralegal Career Dressing: The Vog Addiction, or The Devil Made Me Do It

Actually, it’s more like Sheila at Ephemera, Megan at Megan Mae Daily, Megan at The Fashionable Bureaucrat, and The Dashing Eccentric made me do it, or inspired me to do it, or kept showing John Fluevog shoes on their style blogs until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I bought my first pair of Fluevogs. Remember, I’m a person who thought spending $50 on a pair of Bandolino flats was crazy-talk, and has never been interested in most designer clothing or labels. Yes, there are brands that suit my body-type and career work style, but if I can find a knock-off, especially thrifted, I’m equally happy.

I drooled over my favorite style bloggers’ Fluevogs until I vowed to own a pair, just a single pair. First, I checked eBay. Yikes, these are shoes that get more expensive with age, and the availability and/or popularity of a particular model. Some of the used Vogs cost more than brand new Vogs. So then I discovered the clearance offerings at the Fluevog site. You have to be decisive and act fast, or the clearance styles are snapped right up.

So I snapped. And then I only told Sheila and Megan Mae. Sheila said my ice blue Breva pumps are from the Coffee family (this brand has actual families) and will be a great heel for work, with just the right amount of funky style.

I was so excited when the box came last week that I didn’t open it until today. (That’s how I handle excitement, people, don’t ask). I decided to document the unveiling of my first pair of Fluevogs.

A hand-written thank you note! And stickers that indicate these people seem to know me well.
A bag for the precious babies. With some good advice on it.
Lollipops in the box! These people are better than Christmas!
Teapot heel and naughty body parts. An investment shoe that will have a key place in my work wardrobe.

Am I turning into a shoe-buying fool? No. Will I stop buying less expensive heels for work, and save for my next pair of Fluevogs, whether they’re from the clearance section, or eBay? Yes.

I’ll also be putting the cool little “No, YOU’RE weird!” pin on my purse.

What’s the most expensive pair of shoes you ever bought – and was it worth it?

17 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: The Vog Addiction, or The Devil Made Me Do It

  1. My most expensive were almost $200. Typically I do not spend more than $40 or so on shoes, but these are the best boots ever! They are Tamaris boots and have shocks in the heals, making them so comfortable. I have four pairs, a couple of 3 1/2 and one 4 1/2 inch heals. Before these boots I could not really walk well in anything higher than 2 1/2 inches without tons of pain. Made a true follower out of me.

  2. These are beautiful shoes. And while I often admire the Fluevogs on others' blogs I have not fallen under the spell, yet. I think my most expensive shoes would be my Frye boots.

  3. Oooh lovely lusty lollipops are those gorgeous shoes – the heels!!! You are going to have people trying to pull those baby's off your tootsies:)). For 1940s suits, try Etsy and US eBay – you can't beat the fit of a WWII dress or jacket and you might find them at a reduced price because you folks are coming into summer now. So you'll be ready for next winter:)). My most expensive pair of shoes was a pair of Italian black leather ankle boots with a two-inch heel for $450. It was around 1992 and they lasted a good ten years of office wear and some super hard partying. I'd do it again:)).

  4. How wonderful! I'm proud of you.

    I've heard Sheila and Megan Mae rave about these shoes for a long time. Glad you got your taste. Although the fact that they belong to "families" makes me think they're part of organized crime… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I've never spent more than $39 for a pair of women's shoes until a friend (Kat) asked me to pose for a cover for her novel. She wanted sky-high red pumps which I found at $100. I justified the expense as a special occasion. The only problem is… during the photoshoot, I accidentally rolled my motorcycle over one of the shoes! It's okay, just a little scratched. I guess motorcycles and high heels don't mix.

  5. I am sooo J. Typically, I would be more conservative in dress, but I am branching out with shoes – and I am loving the fun pairs I've been seeing on the blogs… Fluevogs included!!

  6. @Terri ~ If you saw how many pairs of black Mary Janes I own, you'd understand why I'd be such a sucker for the Vog ๐Ÿ˜› I know that boots are the biggest investment that most of my style blogging buddies make, but to date, I haven't fallen in love with a brand of boot. Woe be unto my checking account if I do! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  7. @Desiree ~ There's a theme with the boots here, I see! I would have loved to have seen yours. You know you got your money's worth when you'd do it all again ๐Ÿ™‚

    I might have to get my oldest, The Graduate Student in Costume Construction, to rustle me up a 40s suit. She's made all kinds of period garments for herself. Her thesis is an Alexander McQueen look, and yes, I'll post pics of the proud graduate wearing it across the stage in May ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. @Ally ~ I think I love you! Dear Hubby didn't quite say he was proud of me, although he DID say he wanted me to be happy…

    As much as these babies cost, maybe they *should* be crime families…lol.

    Have you had a shoe repair guy look at your red heels?

  9. Whoa! Those are fabulous! All my Vogs have come from endless or ebay sellers, so I missed out on the extra goodies.. But I'm glad you took lots of pictures. What an amazing experience. I hope they're comfy and get tons of wear. I know my Fluevogs do.

    I made my first, and still to this date, most expensive shoe purchase. I spent nearly $200 on a brand new pair of Miz Mooz Amelia boots (the ones with the buttons). I can't even tell you how many times I've worn them, and while they didn't get as much wear this winter (because it was so goshdarned short!) they're still in fantastic shape and will carry me on much longer than any cheaper $60 pair might.

    I've also quickly learned my feet are much, much happier in real leather. I just can't wear plastic shoes.

    Most people give themselves a maximum, but I tend to consider how much the shoes might cost originally, how well designed, how sturdy the material (including weakspots and ability to carry to the cobbler for repairs) and longevity in my closet.

    I always check my most-lusted after brands for sales and mark downs, never ever purchase retail. Always check out retailmenot and email subscriptions for discount codes. Of course ebay. I find the one place I really put my money is into shoes. I'll thrift all day for clothes, but my feet carry me through life and I'm willing to give a little extra to get me there in comfort, and in style.

  10. Oh that baby blue leather! So gorgeous.

    I am devoted to Naot shoes, because even with my chronic foot problems I can wear them without pain. Most of their styles are Ugly, so when one calls my name, I usually allow myself to buy it.

    I'm currently stalking these, and hoping they will go on sale:

    The most I ever paid was about $250 for a pair of Naot boots.

    Did you see Sheila's new Vogs from her recent trip? More beautiful blue…

  11. haha. This post cracks me up. When I treated myself to my iPad, I took pictures of all the wrappings as well — Apple just did such an amazing job of packaging it that I wanted to remember it forever and ever! :-). I have jumped onto the Fluevog bandwagon too, and can't wait to own a pair. I have resisted so far, but I'm thinking that it won't be much longer before I break down. Can't wait to see pictures of your daughter.

  12. @Megan Mae ~ Great shopping advice, and I love all your shoes. I decided to put aside a little per paycheck for my next pair of Vogs, maybe around the time the weather cools.

  13. @Louise ~ Rats, that link didn't take me to your shoes but the Zappos sign in! I think I was drooling on my keyboard while reading about Sheila's anniversary trip to the Fluevog store in Vancouver. Somehow, I don't think Dear Hubby's idea of a great anniversary celebration is going to the closest Fluevog store in Boston, I believe ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. @Kari ~ I blogged about opening my new iPad – totally understand the wonder! ๐Ÿ™‚ I, too, am dying to see my daughter's thesis Alexander McQueen at graduation!

  15. Oh my goodness, they're stunning. Sheila has such gorgeous Vogs – I'd so love a pair, but being so far away, buying and not knowing the sizing could be a gamble.
    I'm really envious and the colour is awesome.

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