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Paralegal Career Dressing: Water Not Quite Falling

Paralegal Career Dressing: Water Not Quite Falling

The first few times I saw blog post comments from Secret Squirrel, I thought one of my close friends was having a bit of fun with me. Because if I can only pick one adjective to describe me, squirrely is the only one that fits. I’ve described myself that way for years. Yes, I know it’s not an actual adjective, but it’s who I am, peeps, who I am.

Cardigan – Loft clearance; Nine West Vintage Jeans (Steinmart several years ago); Candies pumps (Kohls many years ago); Camisole (Rue 21); 1928 3-way locket (decades old); Strap watch (gift)

Then I clicked on Secret Squirrel’s Blogger profile and realized she has her own style blog, fashion maths, and that she is the epitome of simple chic, which I admit can be hard for me to pull off. I think knowing what to leave off is as important as knowing what to leave on.

In a recent post, Secret Squirrel is wearing a cardigan similar to one I bought on super clearance at Loft but struggle to style. I thought I’d try Secret Squirrel’s cool skinny jeans and striped shoes effect. Our office is currently undergoing interior remodeling, so I have to be dressed to haul boxes and bail out of my office at any moment.

I think the secret to Secret Squirrel’s really flattering combination is the longer striped cardigan with the narrower stripes, plus a darker shirt. Her sweater looks like a long beautiful waterfall, with black jeans and shoes lengthening the fall even more, while mine looks more like a Walmart bird bath. I’m giving up on this cardigan and passing it on to The Teen, who is three inches shorter and has narrower shoulders than me. It will flow more on her. Plus she already likes it.  She saw me this morning and said, “You’re wearing an outfit I’d wear!”

Hence, my submission to Everybody Everywhere’s Back to School theme this month, even tho’ I didn’t know about it in advance, because I’m so far behind on my blog-reading.

Do I need black skinny jeans like Secret Squirrel’s? I think I do.

16 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Water Not Quite Falling

  1. Aww I like your cardi. I'm actually going to wear an inspired look by that same outfit tomorrow!

    Also fwiw, those shoes totally look like fluevog rubens (of the baroque family).. I thought you had splurged despite yourself. They're a pretty good retail dupe imo.

  2. I love your "inspired by" posts! The cardigan is not quite as bad as a WalMart birdbath (lol), but I could see it looking awesome on The Teen. The rest is awesome, particularly the shoes.

    I agree that you must have black skinny jeans – a wardrobe gap is a wardrobe gap, after all. Especially in these times of great upheaval! Hope it all goes as smoothly as it can.

  3. Super cute stripes Squirrely gal 🙂 however, I do think it may be a good move to send it on its way especially if it'll look better on the teen. My teen is so tiny she can't wear any of my clothing 🙁

  4. Hey Lynne,
    I'm going to come back later and read your post. I just wanted to give you a quick thanks for letting me know about the word verification on my comments. I HATE it when I have to do that to comment on a blog, and here along I had mine set to do the same thing. I think it's off now. Thanks again.
    Have a great day.

  5. Maybe you and Lovely Teen can share the cardigan… It does look good on you, I like it with the red t-shirt and blue jeans. I went through a stage of having more pairs of black trousers/jeans than you could shake a stick at. Now – never wear 'em. Time for yet more wardrobe clearing out, I think! xxxx

  6. Ok. I'm back Lynne.
    Checked out the Secret Squirrel's blog. She does have a simple chic style. You can't go wrong with a pair of skinny black jeans. I think they'll serve you well this winter.
    Personally, I find those drapey type cardigans difficult to style. However, yours looks great especially with that color of blouse underneath. If you give it to The Teen at least you have the option of borrowing it when you want to.

  7. AAhhh, Lynne! Just posting from Amsterdam – thank you for being so kind! wowza. And your shoes are stripey too, what a match 🙂

    (Secret Squirrel, from hotel computer)

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