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Paralegal Career Dressing: A Wee Break from the Office

Paralegal Career Dressing: A Wee Break from the Office

Today I only worked for a half day, and then took the afternoon to run some errands with The Teen. She’s been working part-time in our office this summer, and has been a huge help with our effort to go paperless. We’ve been working with mostly paperless files for years, but there are still plenty of older files to convert.

It’s not the most exciting job in the world, but The Teen has her first checking account and has discovered online shopping. Oh. Dear. We’re going to miss the extra help, and she’s going to miss the extra funds when school starts in a few weeks.
The Limited skirt ~ blogger swap with Megan
Loft ruffled tank ~ several years old
Loft cardigan ~ several years old
Saks Fifth Avenue flats ~ Saks Outlet clearance sale last year
Silver skinny belt ~ probably Ross Dress for Less
Bracelets ~ one vintage bracelet from relatives, one purchase at boutique in Charleston in 2005
Earrings ~ purchased several years ago at boutique in Chapel Hill.
I took almost an entire back seat full of clothes to one of my favorite consignment stores, since they only accept donations without an appointment on week days. While I waited to see what items they would accept, I shopped. I kind of didn’t have a choice.
The blue bracelet is vintage; the pink one shakes very satisfactorily.
What was really odd was experiencing an unanticipated effect of my recent self-imposed shopping ban, i.e. I wasn’t very interested in buying anything. I did pull some items and try them on (while I was still waiting), but didn’t love one single thing enough to even be tempted to buy it, not even some nice tops I could have acquired for $5 or $6 apiece (I also had a $5 off coupon). I have a short list of items I’m looking for, a couple more dressy tees (draped necks or asymmetrical hems) for the office, a well-tailored linen jacket, a basic black dress, and pencil skirts in purple, pink, turquoise, or blue.
The Teen can still wear this polka dot cardigan we got in Target’s kid section at least four years ago.
The same thing happened when I took The Teen to Kohl’s to get a new book bag. The zipper ripped out of last year’s, likely due to the 50 pounds of books students are required to carry everywhere because their lockers are too far away. There were racks and racks of 60-80% discounts, and I even tried on a few tees that fit the bill, that again would have fallen in the under $10 range. But I walked out without buying any clothes. In the interest of transparency, I did buy one yellow hinged bangle on sale. I’m conveniently leaving shoes and accessories out of the ban, plus I’m kind of an idiot when it comes to anything that benefits a good Arm Party.
When I do start shopping again, I’m planning to instate a monthly clothing allowance. I’ve got a very small figure in mind, so I’ll be relying heavily on thrifting what I need and serious sales. And hopefully even some blogger swaps. I really had fun swapping some clothes with Megan; even The Teen got a bagful of cool items she loves from Megan. 
Do any of you have a budget for clothes – and are you good about sticking to it?

10 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: A Wee Break from the Office

  1. I enjoy reading about your life: it gives the blog personality. And the Teen is cute!

    I've never had to budget my clothes-buying 'cause, with rare exception, everything is thrifted.

  2. That's awesome to teach your kids about work and money at a young age. I think my parents did a pretty good job with me (I had some sort of job or the other since high school and they helped me to open my own bank account then too), but it was still a shocker the first time I moved out on my own and couldn't rely on my parents anymore.

  3. Wee! That skirt looks so great on you. Sounds like fun getting to shop around a little bit. I did so much of that "It's just two dollars!" thing that I've got DIYs out the wazoo to tackle. I have managed to take up two belts and add elastic to three waistbands this week alone.

    I have an awful budget, especially right now. Money flow is totally up in the air most of the time so I alternatively want to shop like crazy or penny pinch. Ah well, hopefully it'll sort out.

    Congrats on resisting temptation! I have learned that it is a lot easier to not shop when you really start looking at what you already have.

  4. A budget sounds like a great idea. I know that is what Lydia from Chic on the Cheap does and it seems to work well for her. Good for you for having such self control! You and the Teen look amazing today. How cool that she gets to work with you this summer! I love your skirt!

  5. I just love this skirt with that cardigan.
    I was so proud of myself today. We went to Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I had a few items on a list to look at, but not any real necessities, except for one. I walked out of both stores with nothing but an essential…Neutrogena Make Up Remover Towelettes. I was so darn proud of myself. And I managed (with some difficulty) to stay out of the thrift stores for yet another week. I'm sure I'll be shopping again sometime within the next couple of weeks or so. I don't really set a budget because I know very well I wouldn't stick to it if I saw something cute enough. I have been keeping track of my spending and notating everything on a spreadsheet online. It's really surprising how much one can spend…even thrifting. I'm more aware of my spending since I've started doing that this year. It helps curb my urge a little bit.

  6. No budget, but I sell on Ebay and have a rule that I can't buy if I don't sell – selling funds my wardrobe!
    The outfit is lovely, love the stripes and the green at the bottom of the skirt.
    I set myself the task last year of not buying anything new from a "proper" shop, I only bought from charity shops/markets etc. And since then, I can't bring myself to go back to conventional shopping. It's good to be discerning though, isn't it, though I struggle a little with self-discipline!
    Your Teen is a beautiful girl. xxxx

  7. I don't have a budget for clothing but I really should. I have a bit of a shopping problem as you can probably guess from my blog.

    Your daughter is so pretty! She must take after her mom. =)

  8. I think it's great that the Teen has been working in your office! I was able to do that kind of work at her age too and it was so helpful for later on in life!

    I love your skirt and ruffled top!

    Uffda, budgets. I really want to start working on that, I don't feel that I go too overboard, but at the same time I think it would be helpful to set a budget and actually track how much I'm spending in a given month. One of these days I'll figure it all out!

  9. Budget? Me? Oh, I am falling on the floor laughing and I can't get up. No budget here, but I DO try to not spend too terribly much… *ya right*

    Polka dots are sooo in this year, maybe that sweater will never go out of style?

    Is there a story on the watch in your jewelry photo? Love it to pieces my dear.

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