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Paralegal Career Dressing: What Happened to the No Lunch Mutiny?

Paralegal Career Dressing: What Happened to the No Lunch Mutiny?

Today varied from my usual show up to the law office and work at my desk all day, because I attended a continuing legal education (CLE) seminar. But not a live one. A video replay.

My $2 thrifted purse from The Samaritan Mission that one vintage dealer says is a handmade Italian bag, my iPad, my Apple wireless keyboard, my Origami Incase, and the book authored by the CLE presenters. I’m ready so I think.

So I dressed for comfy cooped up in a community college classroom with a giant video screen all day. I also wore a version of the color-blocked outfit I was going to wear for Every Body Every Wear’s July 10 color block challenge, but didn’t wear because I was home sick, and who color blocks for that.

Nine West American Vintage Jeans ~ Steinmart
Sequined flats ~ Loft clearance sale
Draped top ~ Ross Dress for Less $9
Multi-chain bead necklace ~ thrifted
Reading glasses ~ Dunno have like 17 pairs

We were rolling along pretty good during the morning at the CLE. There was a giant platter of cookies and a cooler full of sodas. But I was feeling kind of peckish and elevensie, well, at like, ten. If you know me, you know I can’t miss a meal, or I’ll pass out. (That may be slight hyperbole for literary effect but only slight.)

Better view of the necklace and the shirt is really darker, but my jeans go with my neighbor’s flowers.

So when LATE lunch (12:15) time rolls around, and one of the attendees stands up and says, “Hey, why don’t we just skip lunch, take a 15-minute break, and keep on keepin’ on,” I expected mutiny. Nope. Which left me stranded on a community college campus with only a $10 bill that none of the vending machines would take. (Please see my Twitter stream @expertparalegal if you want my whining contemporaneous account of this horrid turn of events, with a pic.)

Middle-aged and older style bloggers, don’t be afraid to copy the young whippersnapper style bloggers’ poses.

Thank God for the campus bookstore. Because that’s where everyone wants to eat, and why don’t I just start grabbing lunch there every day.

There were three pitiful looking sandwiches left, but the bookstore happily accepts tenners. So I didn’t get to pass out in protest of the lunch veto, but ugh, that was the worst vending machine sandwich ever. EVER.

Being a style blogger means you never have to explain what you are doing when the lawn service guys show up.

Which brings me to the reason I’m including the shot of me wearing my striped blazer from the Loft Outlet, with the Plant-tone bag conspicuously in the frame – to remind me that when I was getting ready to leave for the CLE, I found the bag being used as a paperweight for a note from my neighbor.

“FYI. Your cat puked in the parking spot out front.”

It’s almost like the cat was getting me ready for no lunch today. (Dear Hubby’s outside-cat-before-we-married, Tux, not Sasha Jane. See below.)

Speaking of cats, this is my greatest fashion challenge these days. Sasha Jane loves it when I get dressed, because that means it’s play time, right?

After she uses your skinny jeans as a scratching post, she looks like this so you won’t kill her:

Cat owners, how old does Sasha Jane have to be before I can buy a tulle skirt like Allie’s or Sal’s?

13 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: What Happened to the No Lunch Mutiny?

  1. Love the red jeans! The bag was a seriously great find. I'm still enjoying my little one from there, though I think yours was the better score.

    I would have said something nasty and taken off to the closest drive-thru for lunch. I can usually skip meals okay at home, but in a classroom situation – my appetite can go rabid. I usually keep additional food stashed in my purse.

    Aww she's gotten so so pretty! If she's anything like her Momma-cat, never. Annabelle is so playful and rambunctious. However she may settle down after she's fixed. And believe you me, you want to do that. She'll be four months a week from Saturday so you may want to talk to your vet soonish. It's getting time for the boys and Momma-cat to go.

  2. You look wonderful in that blue and orange, Lynne! Love!

    I would have vehemently protested – no lunch?? That's outrageous, not to mention unhealthy. String that idiot up by his thumbs.

    Aw, kitty! They stop attacking everything at around a year old. Vizzini has finally stopped attacking most of my clothes (he still goes after things like ties and strings, though).

  3. Oh man. Everything about this epic saga was both funny and horrible for you. I'm glad that you survived and I'm extra glad your neighbor needed to let you know about your cat's puke. Stellar.

    In other news, your color blocking is great! I love the brightness. I do not love that you had to be sick the day of EBEW.

  4. You know clothes for cats are just plain wrong, don't you? You are just teasing, surely! Sasha J needs no adornment, she is pure feline beauty as she is!
    Love those jeans, great colour (great legs – I'll say it again!)
    And I so want to do a jumping shot but fear the results would be disastrous… Will try but may need to hit the delete button!
    Seriously, what kind of fool doesn't want to stop for lunch? Lunch is the Law! xxxxx

  5. Well, my Pippin is three years old and still likes to climb up our pant legs like a scratching post sometimes, lol. Taylor however is really starting to mellow out this year we've noticed, she is six.

    I love your jumping picture! I never can time those out right.

  6. Puking aside, your cat is adorable! lol I had a cat before the Hubs and I got married and she used to leave the best puke presents in my bed. *sigh* I loved her though. lol

    Those red jeans fit you perfectly!!

  7. You look great. The necklace is so pretty.

    You need a lunch break. The leader should have insisted on it.

    Sasha Jane is adorable. No cat clothes needed.

  8. We waved as we passed Winston-Salem! If I had known your lunch plight, we could have fed you from the bus 🙁

    Your neighbor clearly isn't a cat person. Otherwise she would know that a cat puking isn't news. They puke for no good reason, or just to say, "Hi!" At least ours do.

  9. HA! Laughing about your cute cat. We have a cat that allows our middle daughter to dress her in all sorts of crazy stuff, fairy wings, doll dresses etc. She has been this way since she was a kitten. We say she must be slightly mentally challenged to allow this…

  10. Oh, Sasha. She's a charmer. So, tell me, what is the better learning venue–a face to face meeting/conference or this sit in a room with a tv set-up?

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