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Paralegal Career Dressing: What I Looked Like Before the Coffee Spill

Paralegal Career Dressing: What I Looked Like Before the Coffee Spill

Last Friday,  I attended a live CLE program at the North Carolina Bar Association, OMG! :-O Technology, Social Media & Professionalism. I drove up the day before for a Paralegal Division Council meeting, and it’s a good thing I had the extra set of clothes, even if already worn, and everything mixed and matched.

I didn’t have anyone to take outfit pictures, and probably wouldn’t have even shared these taken with my iPhone, except that on the way to the CLE, I stopped at Starbucks to get a vanilla latte, extra shot of espresso please, and someone opened a car door on me, causing my latte (even with the lid and stopper) to splash all over my pea coat and onto my favorite sleeveless white bow-tie blouse. I would have had to wear coffee shirt all day long, at a packed seminar with hundreds of people, if I hadn’t thought of substituting my black draped neck tank from the day before. 

So I’m sharing these pics to show the importance of making sure your travel professional wear mixes and matches 🙂  The only full length mirror in my hotel room was in the bathroom. My outfit was grey and white, hence the B&W pics.

Loft skirt (thrifted – never worn!); Luxe sweater (thrifted); Bow tie blouse (Steinmart clearance); Tights (Ross); Yoki heels (Hamricks or as my friends call it, “the little old ladies store”); Pearl earring (Jada’s Jewels)

Crisp and white, ripe for a coffee disaster.

I liked the outfit with the black tank so much that I’ll probably wear it in the next week or two, and get a picture for you.

What’s the worst clothing disaster you’ve had at a professional event – and how did you handle it?

3 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: What I Looked Like Before the Coffee Spill

  1. Tide to Go is a miracle worker. I have spilled things here and there, but I had an associated atty. dump a whole cup of coffee on her shirt a half hr before she was to be in ct. It's was amazing what the Tide to Go did.

    However there is something to be said about having a spare outfit in your office at all times.

  2. I love Tide to Go, but didn't have any in that purse (Note to Self: Add to briefcase). I did a pretty good job of blotting up the coffee with paper towels from the ladies' room, but TTG would have been a big help, especially with a white blouse! Luckily, it all came out in the wash 'cause I love that blouse 😀

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