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Paralegal Career Dressing: What I Learned Today

Paralegal Career Dressing: What I Learned Today
If you get hit on the head by your travel coffee mug,
brimming full of hot life
as it slips off your rain-slick car roof,
crash-landing on your feet,
splashing sweet stinging nectar of the Gods
give it up,
go home,
hide under blankies.

Hey, I see other bloggers centering every sentence. I took Advanced Poetry Writing in college. My professor told me I coulda been a contender.

I wanted to try it. Be kind 😛

Eh, it rained all day. I also wanted to be transparent about wearing coffee.
The Deets: Embroidered Ann Taylor cardi bought in early 90s; Dress Barn dress bought for Teen’s semi-formal earlier this year (thrifted); old costume pendant flipped backwards in pics (rats); Franco Sarto shooties

Don’t say anything about my tights. 
I know. 
Too much.
What I learned today.

The Cairn’s thought bubble, from the sofa:
“Only dumbasses go outside on days like this.”

I linked up to the wonderful Patti at Not Dead Yet Style’s weekly celebration of visible women of all ages at Visible Monday, only I used last week’s post with the neon pink Talbot’s tee I scored at Goodwill.  Also, it’s not too late to participate in my Goodwill Goldmine Party post. Just shoot me an email with a pic of you wearing your fave Goodwill find and a brief description to I’ll be running ’round like a paralegal with her head cut off tomorrow, so I expect you have at least a 24-hour window. I’m not as strict as the Courts regarding submission deadlines.

33 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: What I Learned Today

    • Aw, Sheila, you are very sweet. And you didn't say women whose bifocals clearly need an upgrade wear these tights, too. The interesting thing about taking outfit pics is that I can often see in pics what I can't see close up! They definitely look better real, real close up…lol.

  1. Aww I think the tights are fab-u-lous. Maybe a bit much for the office, but I definitely say they're H-O-T!

    I think the Cairn has the right idea. I can't believe I went out in this drizzle not once but twice today.

  2. I actually really like the tights (must be a Sheila thing, heh heh)! But maybe just too much for your office.

    That's a lovely cardi – it has a nice vintage vibe.

  3. That's why I use Contigo coffee mugs. Sealed TIGHT!

    Your tights are not too much! They lend a great effect to a rather simple outfit.

  4. Now, I have a feeling that the coffee on your head was not just poetry, but IRL? I have done similar. Yes. Don't you just love being able to wear your daughter's clothes!! Michaela and I can do that, and I think it's just the best thing ever!!!


  5. Like it or not, I SHALL speak about your tights – they are stupendous, not stupid – stuPENdous. Love 'em. Fantastic outfit, coffee and all. More poetry, more poetry! I want a video of you running up important stairs with a cape on and then punching the air while you recite a poem, with the Rocky theme in the background of course.

    • I call the steep stairs in the historic house where I work the "Antique Butt and Thigh Master."

      I like the video idea. I totes think this is do-able although my first choice is modeling my fave piece of office equipment and stress buster, The Can Crusher in the kitchen.

  6. That outfit is gorgeous. I love the cardigan and how it has truly stood time. But what I love even more is those awesome, cool tights. Patterned and colored tights are my friend come cold weather.

  7. Well, I can't see what the problem is with the tights either. Throwing coffee all over your self and a whack on the head – yep, I see the issue there. The tights? They're fab!
    You look super-smart, and the Cairn looks super-smug! xxx

  8. I love your tights, but they would be sure to garner comments in my office, I know! Sorry to hear about the bad start of the day. Yes, those are the days you just want to go back home!

  9. I love the whole outfit-tights, coffee "texture" and all!!!
    We are getting the rain today. My dogs went out and peed on the front porch and looked at me like I'm an idiot expecting them to go out in the rain!!

  10. Lynne, that is a heartbreakingly moving elegy perfectly capturing the agony of departed caffeinated elixir. Sorry for your loss, the insult to injury. My deepest respect for soldiering on through the rain!

    TheCairn is a brilliant thinker, and you are always lovely.

    • Amber, I know, it does kinda make the reader teary-eyed, right? Actually, I was the most upset to see my perfect coffee pooling 'round my feet, and that there were witnesses to this most humiliating event. Which is why I couldn't go home 'cause of the witnesses placing me in the parking lot at work. Dammit.

  11. Hahaha, Lynne, that's a hilarious poem! I love writing poetry as well, but only when I'm in the mood. Luckily I don't need to write for a living, or I will starve!

    I adore your stockings, I wish I had the nerve to wear something like patterned stockings for work, but even my current style often take people here by surprise, maybe better not to rock the conventions too much, hahaha!

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