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Paralegal Career Dressing: Why Wear Just One Necklace?

Paralegal Career Dressing: Why Wear Just One Necklace?

Or, I’m Mad ’cause The Teen Wouldn’t Let Me Wear Her New Hogwarts Scarf to Work

First, let’s vote. Dear Hubby’s pics are better than mine, and I should wake him up to take my outfit pics, right?


Second, one way to get out of the style doldrums is to pile on every necklace you own to make your own interpretation of a statement necklace, right?

Perhaps not…

Third, The Teen should have let me wear her new Hogwarts scarf to work, since I paid for her school trip to Disney World, right?

Apparently, that’s wrong.

Madison Studio skirt (thrifted); Anthropologie tee (crawled around on hands and knees in clearance room); Breva pumps (John Fluevog, and yes, I might wear them every day); Necklace #1 (Walmart clearance); Necklace #2 (Vera Wang Kohl’s clearance); Necklace #3 (Burlington Coat Factory clearance)

This is what a bossy paralegal really looks like.
I try to make my world a shiny, happy place.
Sometimes I accidentally pattern mix.
The Teen kept telling me not to drop her scarf on the ground.

How many necklaces did you wear to work today? πŸ™‚

9 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Why Wear Just One Necklace?

  1. Fantastic skirt, I love the color scheme. Ah! Ravenclaw colors! Admittedly, I am at heart a Slytherin girl. ^_~ Hey, my mom and I totally share accessories. Though her's are cooler than mine. I love your necklace pile. I rarely ever wear one necklace and usually have ones I pair together.

    Your Fluevogs have really been fantastic with everything so far. I think it's AWESOME and a testament to how good of a purchase they are for how much you've already worn them.

  2. Angeline at The New Professional was the first style blogger I saw combine necklaces. Today a lady told me she paid $100 for a "statement necklace like yours." I was pretty diplomatic and didn't crow, "Mine only cost $7!" πŸ˜›

    A benefit of having other females' closets and accessosries close by is sharing, sometimes known as "clothes-napping". A few things The Teens aren't using sometimes wander out of their room…

  3. Kids these days I tell ya! Hey, I tried listening to your podcast at work today and it cut out. The other paralegal and I were so bummed out! But I look forward to the next one! I cannot tell you how excited I am to "meet" another paralegal fashion blogger. Great skirt too btw and yes, I love layering necklaces. As of late, however, I have not been in much of an accessorizing mood lately.

  4. @Frannie – I hope you'll try it again. Maybe it was an Internet streaming thing, or your office anti-viral software nixed it πŸ˜› My favorite podcast of the last three years is the one we did with Erin Brockovich. I always tell peeps if they only listen to one, pick that one!

    I know lots of style bloggers who look so chic, including you and Megan Mae, with minimal jewelry. But when I look at myself I have to have one accessory, although I rarely wear big statement earrings and necklace sets together, and it drives me nuts to see them together on TV anchorwomen.

  5. I love the necklaces together, and all the blues look great. The top looks just a teensy bit see-through in one of the photos. I hope that was just the flash from the camera? (Happens to supermodels all the time…)

  6. @Louise ~ Busted! I knew it when I saw the pics for the first time. I'm so OCD, I almost took this down when I realized the unmentionables could be seen in broad daylight (they weren't inside) and some is the light. I darkened the pics to the max.

    But I left it up for a couple of reasons. First, sheer blouses are in. Whew! Second, these things happen, and I want to be transparent about my wardrobe highs and lows. Hehe, just not THAT transparent.

    Normally, I'm a fiend for slips, and I am wearing one with the skirt that didn't really need it! 'Course my lovely hubby isn't a stylist and never thought to mention it…lol. I think a post is in the works about all the outfit stuff I've learned with my fledgling pics: bras, slips, and tags showing, clothes on backwards, a few things see through, some things terribly unflattering, way too big, etc. But I love your good eye πŸ˜€

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