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Paralegal Career Dressing: Wine or Whine, You Pick

Paralegal Career Dressing: Wine or Whine, You Pick
Tuesday is the color wine. Unfortunately, not the beverage.
I’m a firm believer in the idea that the more you loll around at home in your pjs on a Monday when your office is officially closed, ingesting sugar, taking multiple naps, and not making the least bit of difference in the world, the more your Tuesday will suck when you return to work. 
Firm believer.
Yesterday was teal, but so not sharing pj pics.
The Deets: Liz Claiborne blouse (GoodWill); Loft pencil skirt (40% off sale); rialto booties (Ross last year); necklace (seriously old)
Please tell me if I’m old school, being almost 50 and raised to address my elders as “ma’am” and “sir” and not tell people how much money I make or how much is in my checking account, but if you call someone (as in you initiate the call at your convenience), not once but twice, when is it okay to share that you’re calling from your bathroom?
Because in my world, it’s never.
Tomorrow is pumpkin. I don’t own that color. Well, I do have one kind of ugly sweater that color. I may make it fuschia…or navy.

31 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Wine or Whine, You Pick

  1. As my mother used to quote at me "Would you like some cheese with that whine?"

    Lol! Love your teal blouse with the burgundy skirt/tights combo. Magnificent color combination. I don't own much orange either so I'll be wearing my only other orange piece.

    Sorry you're feeling under the weather still. Sending lots of get-well-soons.

    I've only got shopping-fever. I need an intervention for how many pairs of shoes I've bought recently. I'll be doing a post on that as soon as they start arriving. *cone of shame*

  2. yes, you are totally old school. But that's okay, there needs to be more old school because that was before the world's manners fell into a handbasket and went to hell!

    Really though, I love those down days because I think they actually make the next day so awesome! Like you in that color for instance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. This is a great color pairing Lynne! You got yesterday off??? We had to come in. Even though the Courts, the banks and the post office were closed. Lame. I hope you are feeling better. And in answer to your question–NEVER ok in my opinion to call someone from the bathroom. Na-sty.

  4. Well done for doing both colours in the one outfit, that beautiful teal blouse looks gorgeous with the wine skirt. If your Monday morning blues transfer themselves to a Tuesday, you are still allowed to whine.
    Who called who from the bathroom? I take it that you were the recipient, Lynne, being as you are old school. Ooh, were there sound effects? How strange!
    Pumpkin should be good, go for that sweater, you can make it work! xxxx

  5. That blouse really shows up your beautiful eyes! Loving this colour combo together but please tell us that your crappy day ended with a huge glass of Bordeaux! x

  6. Teal and burgundy is a fab combination, and I love the skirt/tights match-up a lot.

    We live in the same world, on all counts mentioned.

    I've got lots of orange, but I may have to play fast-and-loose with the strict definition of pumpkin.

  7. Oh Lynne, too funny! I agree with your theory. I work at home doing medical transcription, and believe me there have been days when I worked in PJs all day, but those days were long ago. I do find that if I get up and get dressed and treat the day as a real live day, I feel so much better. But we all need days of lolling around and eating and not doing much. ;D I love that blouse. It is just striking with the burgundy, and blue is fabulous with your eyes! I wanted to participate in this fall color challenge! Poo. My days have been just TOOO busy lately! Sigh! Maybe I'll catch at least a day!

    Lynn Dylan

  8. Teal and wine are perfect together! And I have heard the "would you like a little cheese with that whine" statement before too.

    And no one should call from a bathroom ever. I have seen people do it though – when I'm in the bathroom too. NOT COOL.

  9. Very cute outfit and love those boots!

    I do believe you should never #1 call from the bathroom and #2 if you do, never tell!

    Wish I would have had Monday off. Next week I have a two day workweek, so I have something to look forward to!

  10. The bright blue with the wine color is a great combo!

    I can't stand those people who take and make calls from the public restrooms – like in the stalls. Sorry person, I'm going to flush now so the person on the other end of your phone is going to hear that, and I don't care. Now I am going to bang that stall pretty loudly.

  11. An elegant iteration of color combining!!! (I like how that sounds). Seriously, it's great. I am so out of the loop for Megan's challenge, which is frustrating because I want to be down with the cool kids, but I have no time and I'm not set up to be efficient. Never mind the fact that I don't have a clue as to how to display the badge. I have to ask for help and that's anathema to me at times. Not that I mind learning, it's the subtle condescension that rubs me a bit.

    Umm, so here are the silver bracelets? I'm dying to see them!! You look beautiful, by the way, and like Vix, I hope you were able to close out with a wonderful burgundy.

  12. That shirt is so gorgeous on you – and as a lover of shiny fabrics this is perfect! It looks great with the wine coloured skirt,

    I consider the bathroom a private place, and think it should stay so!

  13. Oh, those "short weeks" somehow never, ever actually feel short! I hope today has been way better. Count me in as another old-school manner-type on phone etiquette, ew!

    Like everyone is saying, these colours are especially fantastic on you, and how your yellow / chartreuse necklace makes it into an alternate-primary combination knocks me over with its awesomeness. Again smashing!

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