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Paralegal Career Dressing: Xhilaration!

Paralegal Career Dressing: Xhilaration!

Sometimes your kids buy you the darndest things, like these Xhilaration tights from the junior department at Target, for my 49th birthday.

Now I’m completely in love with patterned tights, and wondering where I can get patterned hose appropriate for spring and summer. I know bare legs are in, and acceptable in many business environments, but not so much in law firms and conservative offices – or court. Also, bare legs are not always the most flattering look for women of a certain age to pull off, especially with shorter skirts.

But I seriously hate regular panty hose, their texture and their weird attempt at skin color.

Loft skirt (clearance); Agenda blouse (@$9 at Ross Dress for Less); same ol’ Impo booties (Ross Dress for Less); Bracelet Cuff (Jada’s Jewels,; Necklace (Burlington Coat Factory clearance several years ago)

Yes, my skirt is a bit askew. To make it fit, I had to flip the waistband over, and use one of Mina’s wonderful Fasheners,, to secure the waist band. We don’t have an abundance of thrift stores locally. I’m thinking about exploring eBay for some deals on a few classic but colorful skirts in the right size (unfortunately size 2 right now), and would love to hear some tips from readers who regularly get good deals on eBay.

I tried to play with the sharpening feature so you could see the cool texture of the tights. Didn’t quite work.
This necklace cost about $4 and I wear the heck out of it. My Jada’s Jewels cuff is my favorite bracelet ever.

Do any of you wear patterned hose in lighter colors in warmer weather, and can you recommend some good sources to buy them? I’m hooked!

2 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Xhilaration!

  1. Cute tights! I despise regular hose with a passion. My best advice? Cotton or wool tights (bamboo for summer!) has a variety of price points and fabrics. Plus the stronger fabrics will last longer for the initial cost. I love target tights for the flash of fun but since you do work in an environment where tights are needed frequently it might be worth looking into.

  2. I like the tights. I have seldom worn the patterned ones, though I often admire them on others. I teach college and am one of the very few who continue to wear nude pantyhose.

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