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Paralegal Career Dressing: Yes, I Wore Skinny Jeans to Work

Paralegal Career Dressing: Yes, I Wore Skinny Jeans to Work

Career Dressing Disclaimer: The law office where I work is a little more relaxed than most. Except for court-related and/or special activities, which require traditional conservative corporate attire.

Career Dressing Disclaimer Two: Not everyone in the office is a fan of jeans for work, and by everyone, I mean at least one of the peeps that signs our checks.

Career Dressing Disclaimer Three:  I rarely wear skinny jeans to work, and usually aim for the days right before holidays and long weekends when I know all my smarter co-workers took vacation days, and the office is closing at noon.

Having disclaimed this entire post, all I want to add is that this outfit was inspired by a long cardi and wide belt Idina Menzel wore in the last episode of Glee. Actually, she wore a pencil skirt, and not skinny jeans, so she looked way more conservative law office appropriate than I do.

Cardi (Overstock I think); Tank (Marshalls clearance); Forever 21 jeans ($2.50 thrifted); Saks Fifth  Avenue  flats (Saks outlet store); Belt (Steinmart clearance); Earrings (Walmart)

Taking pictures of yourself to put your clothes where your career dressing mouth is….Is. Much. Harder. Than. It. Looks.

Teen, I will get you for this.
Over-compensating for above pic ;P

Can you wear skinny jeans to work? Ever? Even on moving day?

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