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Paralegal Career Dressing: You Might Need Sunglasses for this One

Paralegal Career Dressing: You Might Need Sunglasses for this One

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while have probably figured out I struggle with purchasing and wearing colors. But when I picked the Carolyn Karina dress (just dreaming a bit) to participate in Already Pretty’s giveaway, I purposely picked one I thought would really liven up my career wardrobe.

Carolyn Short Sleeve ~ Karina Dresses

I don’t have much bright coral in my closet, but then I remembered I’m Queen of the $10 Red Dot Clearance Rack dress from Steinmart, and that I picked up a Maggy L faux wrap dress with some of the same colors earlier this year. Oddly, it is many sizes larger than I normally wear, a 12P, but I could tell just from looking at them that this dress runs so small I couldn’t even get one leg into my usual size. .

I wondered when I got home why there were so many of this style lingering on the clearance rack, and then realized the skirt is asymmetrical. Whoops. No, silly, of course I didn’t try it on. I held the fabric up to my faux red hair and said, “Prettyyyyy.”

Maggy L dress ($10 Steinmart clearance); My old faithful Aerosoles peep toe pumps (Ross years ago); Cardi (Rue 21); Convertible necklace (lia sophia); Stretch bracelets (Walmart)

It was almost 80 degrees today, so I had to bring out the pale white winter legs. Hence the warning you might need sunglasses. But why hide who I am? I never tan anymore. I wish someone had mentioned sun damage in 1981.

Aerosoles have as much padding and flexibility as sneakers.
This lia sophia necklace converts to a long pendant.
I hope lia sophia doesn’t mind being in the same pic as Walmart.

Have you ditched the winter hose yet?

10 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: You Might Need Sunglasses for this One

  1. I love this outfit!!! For interviewing during the hot, sticky summer months (especially over here in NYC), would an outfit like yours be appropriate? i.e. a dress and a blazer or cardigan? Or is a suit the only way to go?

  2. @Agnes ~ Thank you so much! I would not wear this bold of a color statement on a law firm or legal department interview, unless it was a coral tank or cami under a jacket. I think the best policy for a first interview is a well-tailored flattering suit (can be skirt, slacks, or sheath dress), and that it's okay to wear a slightly less formal look to a second interview, but the outfit should still include a structured blazer.

    I'd stay away from bold prints and wrap dresses until I'd gotten the job and assessed the work environment and dress code. When in doubt for law firm interviewing, err on the conservative side.

  3. I am a big fan of Aerosoles. I teach college and sometimes have classes that mean standing on my feet for three hours at a time. The colors of the dress are lovely on you. As for the white legs, I generally use one tube of "natural glow" each year just to get me past that ultra white stage.

  4. The bracelets and necklace look like they could be part of a set, they are such a great match. Let's hear it for Walmart jewelry! One of my fave necklaces was $7 from WM…

  5. @Megan Mae – As you are one of my style idols, I appreciate the kind feedback. I had no idea the skirt was cut like that until I put it on that morning. I'm terribly about not actually trying on stretchy clothes :0

  6. @Terri ~ Thanks! Aerosoles are great, aren't they? So much padding and flexibility. What brand of "natural glow" do you use? That sounds like a great idea!

  7. @Louise – I'd love to see your WallyWorld necklace. I get some surprisingly good jewelry finds when I'm supposed to be grocery-shopping (which bores de heck outta me :P).

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