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Paralegal Career Dressing: Some Thoughts On Layering

Paralegal Career Dressing: Some Thoughts On Layering

Has anyone ever layered tights? Because I wish I had on this fer-reezing day.

The Deets: Isaac Misrahi  for Target dress (GoodWill); Easy Spirit shooties (Hamricks clearance); Cuff bracelet (Jada’s Jewels); Long-sleeved tee (Target); Scarf (gift from The Teen)

Has anyone ever layered slips? Because I wish I had on this fer-reezing day (even though the dress is fully lined and wool-ish.)

Has anyone ever worn a zipped-up sleeping bag to work as the top layer? (Just checking to see if you’re awake.) Because I wish I had on this fer-reezing day.

It’s really cold when you just want to leave work and go home where it’s warm.

How are you keeping warm at work?

32 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Some Thoughts On Layering

  1. Have you tried the fleece-lined tights? I think they're easier to handle than layering tights which can be pretty uncomfortable. That being said, you don't look cold; you look fabulous.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award in my post today.

  2. Layering tights is one of my favourite secrets. I do find it works better with cotton tights. Of course, then you get more of what Sal (Already Pretty) calls the "segmented worm" at the waist from the extra waistband, but if you're anything like me on a cold day, you'll have a chunky knit sweater to hide that! Plus, I love layering tights to make a pair of pants fit a little snugger (on those "between sizes" days)

  3. Oh dear. You're really cold then? Layer up, Lynne – as many tights and slips as you can get on without starting to look like the Michellin Man!
    Thermal undies. There's an idea. And use that big Amber-style scarf as a blanket. And get work to turn the heating up!
    Your little dress is cute, like a school pinafore, in a good way! xxxx

    • I hear you Lynne. I have rediscovered a passion for colouring books! Definitely harking bak to youth!

      Also, I recommend merino wool layers, leggings under tights and base layer tops, well under tops! Warm, not itchy and not stanky.

  4. I love the grey dress with the burgundy, the scarf keeps things light and airy.

    Brrr! You should have stuck to pants. I frequently have to just give up and wear interesting trousers. It's so cold, I've been wearing a coat.

  5. I haven't yet layered slips, but I layer practically everything else, so it's probably only a matter of time.

    I like how the wide scoop of the neck on the dress is contrasting with the crew neck of the tee. Crew necks can be a challenge for me, and layering like this is a great workaround.

  6. Silk thermal undies… LL Bean sells good ones. they are thin, but really work well.

    I'm not crazy about just the shirt under the cap-sleeves… it looks a little off to me. Maybe a jacket or sweater would solve that problem… as well as the whole "being cold" issue.

    Our office have individual heating units. Everyone else thinks they have gone to hell when they walk into my office!

    • This dress has so many possibilities – you will definitely see it again with cardis and blazers.

      It sounds like I would love your office. Occasionally, I go up to our lobby and stand in front of the gas logs.

  7. I layered my tights yesterday… did help keep me warm…but I don't like the way the waistband shows when I double layer. I may have to try those fleece line tights Gracey mentioned. I've never heard of them…but now I'll be on a mission.

    • I've been checking Ally's Twitter feed @shybiker1234 – no tweets since 10/28. She doesn't use one of those newfangled smart phones, so I'm wondering if she's in one of the no power areas. Anxiously awaiting news!

  8. Oh I am sorry! We are actually having a string of lovely and warm days, so I'll try to send some your way! I actually have layered tights, but fishnets over tights (or knee highs over other tights in high school). Hope it warms up for you Lynne! Your scarf is lovely!

  9. I have just the opposite problem. I'm always freezing at home because hubby likes them temp cooler than me…so we compromise… with me being a little chillier than I'd like. But at work they keep it way too warm and many times I'm hot. So, wanting to wear my long awaited sweaters and layers, some days leads to me turning on my little fan at my desk to keep myself from sweating.
    At our other office my room was cooler and I had a little heater about the size of the fan I have now. You could use one of those at your desk maybe.
    Love that scarf and the unique angled cut of your booties.

  10. I actually have worn a sleeping bag–to the last professional football game I attended. And I layered tights over a pair of nylons for an event I knew would leave me standing in line for a couple of hours on a cold, cold day. Haven't tried the double slip.

  11. I'm with Curtise, thermals are the way to go. I wear thermal Long Johns (or leggings) under my maxis all winter long. I do wear double tights if I'm wearing shorter skirts but find a long skirt warmer.
    Stay warm. x

  12. Layered tights? You are talking to a converted tights layerer honey. But I do so wish I could go around in a sleeping bag. My son's wonderful and mad girlfriend invested in a Pikachoo onsie this winter and there are many pics of her cavorting happily in it (sadly not at work though). You might be feeling cold, but you are looking so divooooon and colourful:) oxxo

  13. Silk long underwear, that's the ticket, under trousers of course. But layering tights and slips, yes, do. I used to wear a sleeping bag around the house when I was a kid. I was always, always cold. Still am in the winter. Those snuggie things are kids' play. You look fantastic no matter how cold you are.

  14. I am so tempted by the slanket / snuggie when I freeze sitting still at my desk, and I wish they would make a quilted bunting bag for adults! I'm a slip-layerer too!

    I adore that grey dress and think it's lovely with the simple T, as well it would be with a blouse under – another layer!

  15. How many layers do you have on? You know Lynne, the more lagenlooken you get, the more warmerlooken you'll be. Try it, you'll like it.

  16. I keep an extra sweater and an under the desk heater at work for when it's chilly! I've never layered tights, but I see some good suggestions in the comments! I love your scarf!

  17. That is a very cute outfit, and it looks warm! The scarf is a nice pop of color. 🙂

    I have a heater at work (against fire code, but I don't care!). It is generally on the second I get to work and rarely gets turned off…even in the summer. Actually, especially in the summer! I sit right under a vent, so I constantly have air blowing on me. With high ceilings the air is not warm in the wintertime by the time it gets down to me.

  18. I have actually tried layered tights, fishnets over a bold color like orange or red. I have also done argyle-print over purple and over red. Great thrift find with that Gray sheath. I have one similar and I will try it with a funky, cool-print scarf like yours, next. Ohhh and those booties are awesome!!

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