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Paralegal Career Dressing: Daylight Savings Time

Paralegal Career Dressing: Daylight Savings Time


Here you can see me just start to wonder if I’m late for work.
The Deets: Calvin Klein sweater dress (way old); Jeanne Pierre cardigan (GoodWill); Obi belt (The Limited for $1 with cash coupon); Candies pumps (Kohls clearance a long time ago); Purse (inherited); Pins (inherited & Megan Mae Daily)

Well, the extra hour yesterday was cool, but the freakout on the way to work, with the mid-morning-like sun and the incorrect car clock making me think I was an hour late for work wasn’t.

Neither was wondering why it felt like bedtime at 3:45 p.m.

I’m too old for peeps to be messin’ with the time. Looks like I’ll be beating even the chickens (hi, Amber!) to bed tonight.

28 Responses to Paralegal Career Dressing: Daylight Savings Time

  1. Oh wow, this silhouette and the colour mix is just the coolest.

    We switched back to GMT a week or two earlier than you went to DST, and I'm still kind of messed up over it.

  2. LOL I actually don't mind daylight savings time, though I will say that it is an adjustment. I REALLY love your mint and black combo today Lynne! I love cardigan and the and that dress!!!!

  3. I love the vintage brooch with the buttonflower with the purse! So pretty!

    I know, I forgot to change all the boardroom clocks at work this morning – it completely messed with people!

  4. Love your 20s esque sweater dress. The buttonflower goes so well with your cardigan. The hour change has definitely messed things up for me. Hope you got some good sleep in!

  5. Love that cosy Twenties-flapper feel dress! The turquoise and those pretty brooches lighten it up nicely, and I love the wavy hair. I try it with my poker straight hair, and fail miserably, the waves just don't hold. Tutorial, please! If you're not asleep, that is! xxx

  6. I'm still catching up from a fortnight ago, don't the days just drag after that hour?
    I'm totally loving that beautiful bag, your blingy brooches and the sash belt and your hair looks exceptionally gorgeous this morning. xxx

  7. Tell me about it, here I am at 6 am, and I've already done the laundry and am playing in the bloghood. Each clock in the house seems to have its own time.

    Nevertheless, you do look charming in your black and turq outfit with the most exquisite accessories.

  8. you hair look amazing so as your purse
    believe me, when nobody change time your fell worse as well. but it comes in time not overnight. I'm younger but I'm taking no extra hour hard

  9. I seriously wish we'd just do away with Daylights Savings time. It is just silly. I didn't have any trouble with forgetting to change my clocks, but my kitties don't quite understand that the time has changed and they don't get to eat when they think they should.

    I love that pretty sweater with the two pins! And the purse is super lovely too!

  10. Ok, I am seriously loving this whole outfit! The purse, the pins, the belt. Love it! I was thrown off with the time change too. It's weird going to work in daylight, lol! Heather

  11. HI Lynne!!! There were plenty of times in the summer when the chickens wanted to stay up way later than I did. 🙂

    This is one of my favourite looks you've put together – the colours of the bag tying it all together, the combination of brooch and buttonflower, the hem of your dress, everything just lights everything else right up! Gorgeous.

  12. This dress fits you perfectly! Truly. So it doesn't really matter what else you have on – the dress on you is a complete distraction. This time change stuff sucks; rather, not-having-enough-sunshine-to-divvy-up thing sucks.

  13. Love the retro yet modern feel of this look. That dress is amazing, it has a great skirt. Also what an adorable color on your cardigan. And I love your brooches. The purse is girly & sort of vintage but the OBI belt totally makes this perfect for 2012, too. I own a belt almost identical. Your hair is looking gorgeous here, too, Lynne.

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