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Paralegal Career Wear: Goodwill Goldmine Day 5

Paralegal Career Wear: Goodwill Goldmine Day 5

If we did have a strict dress code at work, and it did say no jeans, you could still make a good end run round it by wearing black faux croc pants. I bet the dress code writers haven’t thought of prohibiting black faux croc pants yet. Well until now.

The Deets: Cache faux croc pants (Goodwill); MMD obi belt (Megan Mae); Tahari vee neck tee (old, likely Marshalls); Cropped cardigan (Loft Outlet clearance rack last year); Candies pumps (old, Kohls); Cuff bracelet (Jada’s Jewels); Big hoop earrings (in a multi-hoop set from a clearance bin at Ross I think)

These pants are from Cache, where normal pants prices start at $98 and keep going up. It may be uncool to share this, but they cost $3.75 from our central Goodwill. They are incredibly comfortable, and made in a stretch fabric that looks like an embroidered croc hide. They made me happy to look at them all day long. I also felt sort of badass, which is an incredibly delicious feeling.

I tried to lighten things up a bit to show the cool texture on these Cache slacks.

These pants also have nice wide belt loops to accommodate one of Megan Mae’s obi belts, this time worn as a regular belt and fastened with, yup, a safety pin. Because I’m like the MacGyver of jury-rigging clothes. Fair warning here: if you safety pin yourself into a super long belt, don’t wait until the last minute to pee.

The normally pricey pants also said “Dry Clean Only” but did great in a delicate cold water cycle and line-drying. I know, what a rebellious type.

If you haven’t already got the invite, please, please, please participate in my Goldwill Goldmine Party (which really includes clothes bought from any sort of charity, mission, or non-profit shop) and celebrate the joy of dressing on the cheap in beautifully pre-owned clothes, plus supporting good causes in your community. The deadline to email me a photo and brief description of the Goodwill item(s) to is October 1.

P.S. I have received packages from some of you! You know who you are. Blogger and swap packages are like Christmas, so I have piled them up and am waiting a few days to open them to savor the suspense. Because you know how it is when you’re grown up and married and have kids. You get pre-agreed on stuff like coffee makers, omelet pans, and vacuum cleaners for special occasions, not to be sneezed at of course, but not super-exciting swag like lovely thrifted and pre-owned clothes and bling. God, how I adore a good hand-me-down!

21 Responses to Paralegal Career Wear: Goodwill Goldmine Day 5

  1. Those pants are amaaaaaazing Lynne! You should absolutely feel like a bad ass in them! And shame on the law office that does not loopholefree the dress code! Werq it gurl! I'm so excited for your e-party!!!!

  2. You look great! Those pants are very, very classy looking. They make you a long, lean paralegal machine! I need to e-mail you a pic. Love my most recent find, as you have already seen!


    • You look FAB, Lynn. I love how a simple but sophisticated black outfit is spiced up by a cool OBI belt. You did a great job styling this belt. Also, fantastic bracelet. I have a similar one. =)

      Wishing You a Fab Weekend!!

  3. Never mind wearing them to work, Lynne – those trousers have sexy badass rock chick potential, get yourself off to a gig or a bar!
    You look incredibly long-legged and tall, the trousers are a great fit.
    I am excited to see what people sent you in the swap too! xxxx

  4. They are absolutely wonderful, you've got a stunning figure and they show it off to perfection! It does seem a crime to wear them to work! x

  5. You have such a pretty smile. I like the color of your hair. What a difference in price, wow! You look very stylish in that outfit.I am following you now.

  6. Lynne, in this outfit you remind me of Stephanie Plum, the lead in Janet Evanovich novels. She's a bad-ass bounty hunter. I have heard of the *disastrous* casting of Katherine Heigl in a film of the first book, but am ignoring that. You are the Stephanie in my head (if that doesn't sound weird?!). She is my hero. Along with Kinsey Millhone (Sue Grafton books)…

  7. Besides being the most incredible Goodwill score yet, those pants are jaw-droppingly awesome and ridiculously flattering! NICE!!!

    I snort-laughed about the safety pinned obi / urgently needing to pee story – I am also prone to making things complicated for myself! Makes you even more badass, imho.

  8. That is a really cute outfit! I would love a pair of pants like that, too. Love it when you find those things at a thrift store.

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